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01 06 16 Analysis and Tips for Mysore Races


1No.10. THE MYSORE PLATE 1200 Mts 2.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.6,53,360)For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only.
Horses considered for the selection: 10 5 7 3
10. SCRIPT WRITER 54.5 A.Imran Khan 2 ]=thrice placed in as many attempts, trainer’s strong choice, consider
3. ARYA’S DELIGHT 54.5 M.Madhu Babu 7 ]=last 2 runs were in terms class, reduced trip, scope to upset
5. LIKEASTAR 54.5 S.Zervan 8 ]=a failed favorite last run, combo proven, finished 2nd of 11, trip little up, consider
7. SACHI 54.5 Arshad Alam 5 ]=twice 3rd in as many starts, Arshad up, reduced trip, consider, looks to be a strong contender
1. COUNTRY’S POWER 56 A.M.Tograllu 4 ]=career 3rd run, runs after 2nd Dec, little positive jockey, but yet to show its mettle
2. IROKO 56 P.M.Bopanna 6 ]=not clue on debut run, must improve
4. COUNTRY’S TIGRESS 54.5 Nitin Singh 10 ]=fluke jockey rides, career 2nd attempt, improvement possible
6. MY BEST LADY 54.5 S.G.Prasad 3 ]=debut run, negative shoes
8. SAIGAR 54.5 Anil Baandal 1 ]=not much seen in last 2, must improve more
9. SCHIPPERS 54.5 C.Umesh 9 ]=trainer fielded 4, debut run, looks to be an also ran case
(Total Stakes Rs.3,24,655)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)5 years old and over
Horses considered for the selection: 10 12 8 4 7 6 2
10. ZAMINDAR 55 C.Umesh 7 ]=winner CD] last winter, positive shoes, may be fit now, consider again
12. BLACKWIND 52 Arshad Alam 12 ]=after finishing faraway 2nd in 1600 ran a poor 8 of 12 last run, Arshad takes the seat, drawn wider, can surprise, note
8. BELLE ETOILE 56.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 8 ]=after winning 1400m ran 3rd twice, run with the pace, can consider
4. NEW SUNRISE 59 H.G.Rathod 3 ]=5 runs thrice placed, reduced trip, ran 4 of 12 last run, modest consideration
2. ESOTERICAL 61 S.G.Prasad 9 ]=after placing faraway 4th ran unconcerned in last 3 starts, gets the demotion, can improve
3. JUMP IN THE RED 59 Nitin Singh 11 ]=a narrow winner as a favorite in this same class, reduced trip, outer draw, modest consideration
1. BRIGADIER 61 Md.Sameer 4 ]=unplaced in last 3, demoted, career more mass, runs the same trip, looks will take some more time
5. NATURAL NINE 58.5 Amyn Merchant 1 ]=unplaced in last 4 starts, runs the same trip in the same class, must improve more
6. NERON4 58 A.Ashok Kumar 2]=had a run benefit, finished 10 of 12, must show more
7. ZIZZI4 57 S.Manohar 5 ]=ran 7 of 12 last run this trip, run benefits helps
9. ROSIE’S DREAM 56.5 P.M.Bopanna 6 ]=ran twice unplaced, runs the same trip in same class, little more tuning required
11. ALPINE SHINE 53.5 S.Mubarak 10 ]=unplaced in last 6 starts, runs after  19 months gap, looks can omit
3No.12. THE BALAMURI PLATE 1200 Mts 3.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,24,655)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection: 6 8 4 7 1
6. COUNTRY’S CHARM 59 A.M.Tograllu 7 ]=needs an excuse for last failure, a failed favorite, up in trip, consider
10. GOLDEN CRUISE4d 58 S.Shoban Babu 6 ]=ran an easy 4th over 1100 this season, helped by run benefit, consider
4. ANGEL ONE 59.5 S.Zervan 10 ]=Zervan up, last 2 runs slow out and off the board, down in class, negatives shoes a little worry
2. PASSING FANCY 62.5 * Mohammed Mushraf 5 ]=last run seen hanging out and failed 6 of 10 in a maiden race, runs after 11th Feb, now in open class, rookie rides, can consider
8. SAZAE SAN 58.5 Nitin Singh 8 ]=ran 10 of 12 In higher class, earlier finished far down 4th, demoted, fluke jockey rides, looks a surpriser
7. DAZZLE AWAY 58.5 Sarvan Kumar 12 ]=unplaced in last 2 starts, earlier 4th in higher class, reduced trip, may surprise
1. FRIENDS FOREVER4c 62.5 Shammi Khan 11 ]=ran a faraway 3rd of 12 this season, scope to improve further
3. EVANDER 61.5 Sahanawaz 1 ]=last 3 runs off the board, down in class, reduced trip, negative shoes, improved in work outs note
5. DANCE WITH ME 59.5 P.Kiran Rai 4 ]=unplaced in last 6 starts, continues in negative shoes, trip little reduced, must improve more
9. VROOM VROOM 58.5 S.Santosh Kumar 2 ]=not in board in last 4  runs, dropped in class, continues in steel  shoes, but last time smart money came, little consideration on that
11. VRAJANANDAN 57 A.Ashok Kumar 3 ]=unplaced all the way, reduced trip, must improve more
12. GOLDEN STEPS 53.5 S.Mubarak 9 ]=ran a faraway 3rd last run, trip little reduced, runs forward, consider for place slot
4No.13. THE OBLIGADO TROPHY Div. II 1200 Mts 3.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,05,810)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection:4  8 5 3 11 1 12
11. COOL DUDE 54.5 M.Madhu Babu 4 ]=close 3rd  of 12 last run in the same trip, warrants one more chance
4. COUNTRY’S SEPOY 58 Nitin Singh 8 ]=a good 2nd of 12 in last attempt, consider seriously
8. IRELAND 57 P.Kiran Rai 3 ]=a failed favorite last run, finished 3rd of 12, runs forward, reduced trip, consider
12. SUNBOW 53 Anil Baandal 2 ]=finished 6 of 12 last run, but was in book makers reckoning, now tongue tie on, may have some hidden form, note
1. SCARAMOUCHE(2) 60 S.Santosh Kumar 5 ]=a runaway winner on 25th May, upped in class, trip up 100, can consider again
2. SPEED QUEEN 60 H.G.Rathod 9 ]=ran 5 of 17 at Chennai, earlier season record good, can consider
7. BRYANT PARK 57 J.Paswan 12 ]=not performing to the full potential for too long, reduced trip, surprise chance may be
9. FELIX LEGION 56 S.G.Prasad 7 ]=unplaced in last 2 runs, reduced trip, little improved chances
10. DELTA DELIGHT 55.5 Shiva Kumar 1 ]=jumps up a class, trip little reduced, oldie, may fill a place slot
3. SAMAY BALWAN 59 L.Prashant 6]=unplaced in last 2, 3rd run on demotion, looks can omit
5. TOBIN 58 * M.Bhaskar 10]=ran 8 of 11 last run, earlier modest form, now raw rookie up, looks can omit
6. ANONYMOUS 57 N.Ramesh Kumar 11 ]=unplaced in last 4 starts, needs little more tuning
5No.14. THE KOLAR PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 4.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,86,970)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection:8 1 5 6 4 2
8. CLASSIC KING 53 Nitin Singh 8 ]=an easy starts to finish winner over 1600, upped in class, may do it once again, runs after 5 months gap
1. EXTRA SPARK8b 61 M.Prabhakaran 6 ]=a narrow miss last run, advantage run benefit, little reduced trip, consider
6. COLOR PROOF 54 Anil Baandal 2 ]=a narrow winner over 1400 last attempt, runs after 13th Jan, trip and class same, may prove to be useful here
5. TOP TRAINER 54.5 M.Madhu Babu 1 ]=a Pune import, new to this track, trip up, unknown chances
4. SANCY9 55 S.Mubarak 5 ]=ran 10 of 11 last run, earlier twice unplaced, may improve
2. ASPASIA 56.5 P.Kiran Rai 3 ]=blood vessel broke and finished 7 of 7, earlier twice winner in the lower class, demands an excuse for last failure
11. STARSTRUCK5 52 JWDL 9 ]=an interfered 8 of 12 last run, yet to know the jockey, little up in trip, can get a place slot
3. CROWN EMPEROR5 55 A.Ashok Kumar 4 ]=slow to jump in last 2 runs, must show little more
7. JERSEY BRIDE 54 Shiva Kumar 7 ]=unplaced in last 4 starts, trip little up, may not do it here
9. SANS FRONTIERES8 53 Janardhan Paswan 10 ]=horrible last 2, earlier lower class fluent winner, questionable form line
10. COLOR ME 52 * Syed Waseemuddin 11 ]=not doing enough to merit attention in last 4 starts , last run slow out, runs on negative shoes, looks can omit
6No.15. THE OBLIGADO TROPHY Div. I 1200 Mts 4.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,05,810)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection:5 7 9 2 1
5. COUNTRY’S PRINCESS 59.5 Anil Baandal 10 ]=ran 8 of 13 last run in terms class, earlier good 2nd, now in open handicap, improved chances
9. EPHIALTIES 58.5 P.Kiran Rai 8]=marginal improvement seen last run, trip little reduced, upset chance may be
1. RARE EMERALD 61.5 Nitin Singh 12 ]=a narrow miss last run in the same trip on 6th Jan, now drawn wider, yet has a chance
2. TRUST ME BOY 61 S.Shoban Babu 9 ]=a little inconsistent customer, fancy if you wish
7. THE WOLF 59.5 S.Zervan 4 ]=after winning a maiden race, ran placed twice in terms class, Zervan up, can do the trick
3. ICE SPLENDOUR 60.5 S.J.Sunil 5 ]=ran poor 7th of 11 on 17th Feb, earlier same class winner CD], little consideration on that
4. BORN FOR SUCCESS 60 J.Paswan 2]=dropped  in class, trip little reduced, improvement possible
6. ROMANO 59.5 Gautam Raj Urs 1 ]=a poor performer last season, must show more
8. AL DORADO 59 A.Imran Khan 3 ]=knocking the door, narrow miss last run in lower class, modest consideration
10. GO MAN GO 58.5 A.Ashok Kumar 11 ]=finished better earlier except last run, negative shoes, looks can omit
11. SIVANTA 58.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 6 ]=unplaced in last 4 starts, earlier winner, jumps up a class, negative shoes, may aim a place slot
12. ICE BROWN 58 S.Lalit 7 ]=finished 8 of 12 last run, earlier good 2nd, consideration on that
7No.16. THE NAGAMANGALA PLATE 1200 Mts 5.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.5,68,150)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 60 and above (Class-II)
Horses considered for the selection:
6. COSMIC TOUCH 57.5 Arshad Alam 10 ]=won as a favorite last run despite pulled up lame, mass little up, chance once again
8. GLORIOUS LIGHT 54.5 * M.Abhilash 8 ]=unplaced in last 3, rookie up, but positive shoes, looks has some upset plans
12. TULIP 52 A.Ashhad Asbar 1 ]=placed twice in different trips, modest chance
1. SECRET HUNTER 60 K.Mukesh Kumar 9]=rider dropped last run, earlier poor shows, a failed favorite, a good sprinter, consider
2. ZIDAAN 60 S.Lalit 6 ]=ran 2nd over a mile in higher class, earlier twice winner in this class, trip little sharper, modest consideration
3. DYNA 58 J.Paswan 7 ]=ran 7 of 10 at Chennai, earlier modest form at Mysore regular, little speedy customer, may get a place slot
4. ACE FORCE 57.5 Shiva Kumar 12]=last run was interfered, earlier fluent winner, now drawn outside, modest chance
5. CLEVER TRICK 57.5 T.S.Jodha 2 ]=consistent in place slots, demoted, but trainer goes for negative shoes, a cat on the wall case
7. RECKLESS 56.5 M.Madhu Babu 11 ]=a fluent winner lower class on 28th Jan, runs forward, upped in class, has some surprise elements
9. MR CARPE(9) 54.5 Anil Baandal 5 ]=tossed up a class for last win this season, can consider again now
10. AVOCET 53.5 Sk.Zaffar Riaz 3]=penultimate good 2nd at Mumbai at 28th Feb, later ran 14 of 15, ground new, looks will need some more time
11. ZAGATO7 52.5 P.Kiran Rai 4 ]=had an unrevealing run here, may do little better
8No.17. THE KOLAR PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 5.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,86,970)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection:4 1 7 8
7. SUFFICIENT PROOF 57 A.Imran Khan 8 ]=a narrow winner over 1200 last run, trip little up, may try again
4. LUCKY EMERALD 60 Nitin Singh 4]=penultimate mile winner, later unplaced in 2000m, place chance may be
1. DEMANDING FORMAT7c 62 Arshad Alam 2 ]=ran 3 of 12 this season, Arshad up, plans an assault
11. YOUNG GALLANT 54 K.Mukesh Kumar 10 ]=ran closer in last 2 runs, trip little up, always in the book makers reckoning, may upset
3. CARISA7 60 Shiva Kumar 3 ]=unconcerned in last 6 runs, has a benefit of run now, dropped in class, may get little near
2. CAPITANO 61 L.Prashant 9 ]=ran 6 of 11 last run in the same trip, but not far away, negative shoes a great worry
5. ALBATROSS9d 58.5 * Syed Waseemuddin 12 ]=ran 4 of 11 this season, drawn wider, raw rookie up, include in pool games
6. SKYJET 58 S.Santosh Kumar 5]=unplaced in last 3, must improve more
8. AZURE FIRE 56 S.G.Prasad 7 ]=after a slow jump finished faraway 3rd of 11 last run, upped in trip, must improve more
9. MARKUS SITTIKUS8 55.5 A.Ashok Kumar 6 ]=unplaced in last 4 starts, trip little reduced, advantage run benefit
10. KAZURI8 54.5 P.Kiran Rai 11 ]=a below par performance last run, reduced trip, must improve more
12. ACCURACY 53.5 S.Mubarak 1]=accurate 11 of 11 and accurate 12 of 12 last run, can run accurately behind

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