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Hyderabad and Mumbai Race Tips with Complete Analysis 26 Feb 2017

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Race Tips with Analysis 26 02 2017
1No.276. THE SLING SHOT PLATE 1200 Mts 1.10 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated 66 to 90. (Class II)
4 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /4158
4. PRECIOSA230b 54 Beuzelin Louis 8]=Another consistent runner, 3 of 7, 1 of 8 , 2 of 8 in last 3 starts this season, Louis continues, now runs a pet trip, consider as a fighter
1. ASHWA RAFTAR274c 60 K.Mukesh Kumar 2]=Consistency seen in all the starts, trip reduced, good chance now
5. GREEN IMAGE271 52.5 Praveen Gaddam 3]=Six runs and winner 3 runs ago, last 3 runs off the board over different trips, now runs reduced trip, place chance may be
2. CITY OF DREAMS265 58.5 Kiran Naidu 4]=After placing 2nd once this season, ran unplaced subsequently, last 3 runs were at higher class, demoted, might get near
8. WITHOUT MAKEUP(244) 51.5 Ajit Singh 1]=Twice winner in lower class, upward form, upset consideration may be
3. NUMINOUS218 57 Akshay Kumar 6]=Off the board in last 3 starts, earlier forward and 2nd in this trip, little consideration on that
6. ALWAYS TOGETHER230 51.5 N.S.Rathore 7]=Runs on negative shoes, poor form line this season, looks difficult here
7. FAIR AND SQURE(225) 51.5 * C.P.Boppanna 5]=Winner CD] and got promoted, meets tough guys
Our Tips: 4 1
2No.277. THE NAVIGATOR PLATE Div. I 1100 Mts 1.40 P.M
For Maiden Horses 3 year olds only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5 1 2 12
2. CHAMPION BULL 55 Imran Chisty 2]=Debut run, top trainer, good in preps note
1. AGILIS 55 Akshay Kumar 4]=Debut run, TJ combo good chemistry
5. UNIVISION 55 A.M.Tograllu 10]=Debut run, had a mock race, average in trials
10. PLAIN JANE114 53.5 P.Ajeeth Kumar 12]=Last run had a valid excuse, earlier twice far away in the minor money, wears blinkers, could improve
12. SWEET PISTOL259c 53.5 Kiran Naidu 7]=Ran 3 of 13 over 1200 in its 4th start this season, modest consideration
7. FLYING EBONY 53.5 Md.Sameeruddin 5]=Debut run
8. MARINA DEL REY 53.5 S.Sreekant 9]=Debut run
3. GAANDEEVAN 55 P.Sai Kumar 6]=Debut run
4. SEVEN ELEVEN 55 K.Mukesh Kumar 1]=Debut run
6. CANNON DEAR206 53.5 Kunal Bunde 11]=Last 4 starts nowhere, look elsewhere for the winner
9. MISS IVORY97 53.5 Deepak Singh 3]=Ran 9 of 9 in its debut run on 11th Dec, similar trip, must improve a lot for considering
11. ROYAL DANCER206 53.5 Ajit Singh 8]=An interfered last run, career 3rd start, negative shoes, looks will take some more time
Our Tips: 2 1
3No.278. THE SEA MASTER PLATE 1400 Mts 2.10 P.M
For Horses 3 year olds only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /1 3 6 4
1. LADY IN LACE(198) 58 N.Rawal 3]=Consistency seen in last 3 start, last run slow out, yet finished 3 of 7 Lbh 2 ¼ , can consider here
3. PRINCE CASPIAN121c 55.5 N.S.Rathore 2]=Career 4th start, penultimate winner 1200, later ran 3 of 4 over 1200, trip up and new, can consider
2. CREATOR(226) 55.5 P.Sai Kumar 4]=Winner CD] in its 6th attempt, last run was fluent, recent form supports
4. TREASURE STRIKER250 55.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 1]=Last 2 runs off the board, earlier maiden winner in its 3rd attempt over 1200, trip not new, yet looks difficult
5. JUNEAU213d 54 Akshay Kumar 5]=Ran 4 of 6 in its latest run, 2 runs ago 2 year old maiden winner, modest chance
6. LOST AND FOUND241b 51.5 Imran Chisty 6]=Advantage bottom weight, last 3 runs not clean, consistency seen, top trainer, blinkers fitted, might surprise
Our Tips: 1 6
4No.279. THE NAVIGATOR PLATE Div. II 1100 Mts 2.40 P.M
For Maiden Horses 3 year olds only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5 2 9 1
5. ASTERIA205b 53.5 Akshay Kumar 1]=Ran 2 of 13 when quoted 2/1, consistent in last 3 starts, penultimate a close shave, career 5th start, can amend failures note
2. DESERT MOON270c 55 N.S.Rathore 5]=Consistent, penultimate a failed favorite and finished 4 of 9 Lbh 2, latest ran 3 of 13 Lbh 4, looks a fighter
9. NEW STATE223d 53.5 Imran Chisty 2]=A faraway 2nd when Trevor rode and then an interfered 4 of 9 again a far away 4 of 8 Lbh 12 plus, but top trainer, may be in the money
1. BROOKWOOD206c 55 P.Sai Kumar 6]=Four of 8 and then 3 of 14, might overtake a couple of runners, similar trip, in with a chance
10. PLATINUM CLAASZ206 53.5 Beuzelin Louis 8]=Ran nowhere on 23rd Jan, benefitted by that run, can expect phenomenal improvement
11. YANGA269 53.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 4]=Ran 7 of 12 last time, career 2nd start, scope to improve
3. GOLDEN ALIZA270 55 Md.Sameeruddin 9]=No clues on its last run on 20 Feb
4. SUGAR LAND172 55 Kunal Bunde 10]=A very bad run last run while finishing 8 of 9 in similar trip
6. DARE TO LOVE 53.5 * Rohit Kumar 7]=Debut run, rookie handles, unlikely to make any dent
7. GLORIOUS GREY270 53.5 Deepak Singh 11]=Career 3rd start, 8 of 9, 10 of 13, average arrears 22 plus lengths, can omit
8. KOHINOOR LUCY259 53.5 Praveen Gaddam 3]=A bad performer in last 6 starts, looks will take some more time
Our Tips: 5 2
5No.280. THE MAHBUBABAD PLATE Div. I 1100 Mts 3.15 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated 26 to 50. (Class IV) Conditional Race
4 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /81762
1. KING DAVID248 60 Beuzelin Louis 3]=Last 2 runs off the board, earlier 2 of 12 Lbh 3 ¼ in similar trip and class, can consider on that run
6. MAGICAL SKILL(212) 55 * C.P.Boppanna 8]=Latest lower class winner and got promoted, wears positive shoes, one from the suspire pack
9. ROHINI252b 53.5 Abhishek S.Pawar 5]=A narrow lost last run lower class, runs forward, little better jockey up, consider
7. SYMBOL OF GOLD260c 55 K.Mukesh Kumar 7]=showing some interest in recent 2 runs, better jockey up now, needs consideration
2. BORN TO DO IT257 59 * Md.Ismail 6]=Last 2 runs nowhere, marginal improvement seen in latest attempt, earlier thrice in the place money, in with an upset chance
8. DIVINE HEIGHTS(255) 53.5 N.Rawal 9]=Now runs on  promotion after winning lower class similar trip, may be interested again
4. SHAKESPHERE216 57.5 Koushik 2]=Last 2 runs an inexplicable failure, earlier 2 of 8 Lbh 1 ¾, might get near
3. IKIGAI257 57.5 G.Naresh 10]=Last run slow out and finished 10 of 14, earlier got interfered and finished 4 of 10, arrears 6 plus lengths, looks a dark horse here
5. SPACE SHIP257 57 Aneel 4]=Six runs and twice placed 4th, runs with pace, improvement possible
10. SAVE THE NATION237 52.5 Ajit Singh 1]=Last 3 runs nowhere over different trips, a win for him is long overdue, meets youngsters a great worry here
Our Tips:1 8
A Handicap for Horses Rated 46 to 70. (Class III)
4 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /62341
2. PROSPERO215w 60 Imran Chisty 5]=Last winter and monsoon a good record, but  let down supporters in its only run over 1200 when quoted ½ money, looks to be a serious contender here note
4. MAGNA CARTA236d 58.5 A.A.Vikrant 9]=Last 5 runs in the minor money but without a win, can get a reward for its consistency
6. SECRET ART(256) 53 P.Sai Kumar 2]=Twice narrow winner, runs the same trip, runs on promotion, modest chance
1. BHARAT KING262c 60 P.Ajeeth Kumar 10]=This season twice winner over 1400 among 5 starts, latest ran 3 of 12 over a mile, upset possibility exists
3. KALINDA262b 58.5 Deepak Singh 4]=Improvement seen from this mare in last 2 starts, back to pet trip, last run a close finish, upset chance if any
5. CITI COLORS192d 53 Kuldeep Singh 6]=Ran 3 of 10 Lbh 3 ¾ over the same trip, but a fair performer this season, runs with an upsetting chance
7. CHARMING BEAUTY236 52.5 Aneel 3]=Upped in class, last 3 runs a non performer, looks difficult here
8. SCOOBY DOOBY DOO245 52 Ajit Singh 8]=Last 2 runs off the board, earlier consistent over 1200, runs from behind, may have some hidden agenda
9. GANGADHAR256c 51.5 G.Naresh 7]= placed 3 of 12 over the same trip, others better
10. PATRON SAINT245 51.5 * C.P.Boppanna 1]=Off the board in last 4 starts, can omit
Our Tips:6 4
7No.282. THE MAHBUBABAD PLATE Div. II 1100 Mts 4.15 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated 26 to 50. (Class IV) Conditional Race
4 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5174
5. SUPURINTO(231) 57 Akshay Kumar 9]=A fluent winner beating 12 runners in last start over the same trip, consistent customer, repeat chance possible
1. PRIME TIME248b 60 A.M.Tograllu 10]=As a favorite ran a neck 2nd of 14 runners in its latest attempt, trip minus 100, in with a chance
6. CHESTER168 55.5 * Gopal Singh 7]=This season 5th run, last 2 runs got interfered, once a narrow winner 3 runs ago over 1200, upset possibility not ruled out
7. WILD HEART227 55.5 Imran Chisty 1]=After winning a lower class ran 3 times unplaced this season over different trips, might stage a comeback
4. PIXIE GIRL216 58 Deepak Singh 5]=Last 2 runs pathetic, but trainers specialist in staging a coup
2. PAMELLA266 58.5 Koushik 6]=No show in last 4 starts, earlier close 2nd of 11 in its 1st attempt this season, should get that form back for considering
3. IN COMMAND264 58 * Md.Ismail 4]=Ran 7 of 9 last run, earlier ran thrice 3rd once 4th over different trips, chances not that good
8. SURPRISE PARTY248 53.5 Aneel 2]=7th start this season, once placed 4 of 6, looks very difficult here
9. SUNDAY CARNIVAL 53 Kuldeep Singh 3]=debut run
10. ROMA ROUGE272 52.5 P.Ajeeth Kumar 8]=form on the down grade, but runs reduced trip, oldie, others have better a say here
Our Tips: 5 1
8No.283. THE J S DHARIWAL MEMORIAL CUP 2400 Mts 4.45 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated 46 to 70. (Class III)
4 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /24567
2. LIKE WISE221 60 N.S.Rathore 8]=Last 3 runs were in exalted company, monsoon 3 wins in a row, this company looks weaker, trip fine, paid a hefty fine for late entries in last 3 races, on the recovery mission note
5. ASHWA ASHOKA254c 54.5 Akshay Kumar 10]=Advertising its chances, last 2 runs close 3rd over 1800 and 2000m, trip up and in compass, looks will put up a stiff fight
6. NAUTANKI254 54.5 Koushik 6]=Not very far away while finishing 5 of 9 over 2000m, trip not new, takes to the heels, surprise chance not ruled out
4. DOROTEO(214) 55.5 Imran Chisty 9]=A nose winner in a start to finish attempt,   over 1800, trip up and new, shrewd trainer, surprise chance may be
7. PENTAGON(258) 53.5 Kiran Naidu 3]=Winner CD] and promoted, others have to catch it up on its run style
1. BLUE EYED BABE263 60 Khurshad Alam 4]=Demotion 2nd run, age group negative, might not show up
3. ELYSIAN254 58 Abhishek S.Pawar 2]=Let down followers too many times, this season thrice in the money board, trip up 400, may want to reward its followers
8. AL SADR(242) 52.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 7]=Consistent form line, winner over 1800 in last start, promoted, trip up and new, surprise chance
9. BRILLIANT262 52.5 G.Naresh 5]=Last 2 runs nowhere, trip up, oldie, others have a better chance here
10. WHITE GOLD(64) 52.5 Deepak Singh 11]=Blood vessel broke and yet won over a mile, well rested, promoted, may be aiming a place slot
11. GOLDEN ARROW262 51 P.Ajeeth Kumar 1]=Looks tough among the company in this extended trip
Our Tips:2 5
9No.284. THE ASIFABAD PLATE 1200 Mts 5.15 P.M
A Handicap for Maiden Horses Rated upto 30. (Class V)
4 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /12310
1. SHANDAAR222 62 Imran Chisty 5]=Demotion 2nd run, an interfered 5 of 12 last time, Chisty continues, gets another chance to prove
2. WHISPER272c 62 Akshay Kumar 12]=This season 7th run, placed over long distance trips, still a maiden, top trainer, may prove its worth now
3. DAWNING HOPE252c 61.5 S.Sreekant 4]=A close 2nd of 9 in its latest start over 1100, not without a chance
4. SWEET STORY257 61 N.S.Rathore 11]=This season 2nd attempt, career 3rd run, demoted, surprise chance exists
10. WAR LADY252d 54.5 G.Naresh 8]=Four of 9 Lbh less than 2 in its 5 effort this season trip up 100m, may improve further
5. YES BABY255 61 * Rohit Kumar 6]=Among 8 runs placed 4 times, modest chance
6. GOLDEN JOY179 59.5 Deepak Singh 9]=Last 2 runs slow to starts and once placed 4 of14 , a level stat may enhance its chances
7. RAM MAN272 59.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 3]=This season 2nd run, so far poor performance, runs reduced trip, unexposed it looks, may spring a surprise
8. MASTAANI212 58 Md.Sameeruddin 10]=Nowhere in last 4 starts, unknown chances
9. CANNON KING252 55 Kunal Bunde 13]=Marginal improvement seen in last run, looks not enough
11. PLAY IT COOL235 51.5 Aneel 1]=None of the runs gave any clue this season, looks an unconditional omit here
12. TOUCH OF GOLD272 50.5 P.Sai Kumar 2]=Last 3 runs were in longer trips and unplaced, unknown chances in this reduced trip
13. BEIJOS239 50 Sher S.Tanwar 7]=This season 9th run, twice placed earlier, trainer fielded 2 note
14. RAINBOW BLUES170 50 Praveen Gaddam 14]=Unplaced so far, runs reduced trip, wider draw, looks can omit
Our Tips: 1 2
Race Tips with Analysis 26 02 2017
1No.189. THE HELLO CLASSIC 1400 Mts 4.30 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated 80 & upward. (Class-I)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /all
3. PARAMOUR135b 51 A.Sandesh 4]=Very much consistent, gets the jump up to this class, Sandesh handles again, trip up, looks a  fighter
4. CELTIC PRINCE149b 50 Neeraj Rawal 2]=Latest ran close 2nd of 9 over 1000m, pet trip now, up in class is a worry
2. THE CHAMP146b 58 P.Trevor 1]=Thrice ran this season, in with place money, trip up and in compass, may get the judge’s nod
1. RULE DOWNUNDER146c 59 C.S.Jodha 3]=Last 2 runs placed over 1400 and 1200, may upset
Our Tips: 3 4
For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /1 2 6 7
1. BENEFACTOR154b 55 Suraj Narredu 8]=As a favorite ran 2 of 13 Lbh 3, similar trip, good chance to amend
2. GAZINO161d 55 A.Sandesh 6]=Twice in the minor money, reduced trip, runs with pace, Sandesh up, consider
6. FOREST FAIRY 53.5 P.S.Chouhan 1]=Debut run
7. KEEP COMING ON 53.5 Neeraj Rawal 4]=Debut run
8. MEDELLIN131d 53.5 C.S.Jodha 3]=Last run fairway 4 of 5, benefitted by that run, may seek a place slot
3. MAN OF WORD31d 55 A.Imran Khan 2]=Second run this season, far away 4 of 5 last time, may improve
4. OPTIMUM 55 Y.S.Srinath 7]=Debut run , eldest of all, Srinath up, may upset here
5. ARC SHINE131w 53.5 Amyn Merchant 5]=Debut run
Our Tips:1 2
A Handicap for Horses Rated 20-46. (Class-IV)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /257
5. RESPECT151 56.5 P.Trevor 6]=Still a maiden, this season twice failed favorite, runs a same trip, penultimate close 3rd of 9 Lbh 1 in the same trip, consideration on that
2. GERANIUM(61) 58.5 Neeraj Rawal 3]=After winning a mile race went to Bangalore and finished far away 4 of 6 in a terms race, improvement possible
7. KITTY HAWK128b 53 Dashrath Singh 5]=A far away 2 of 8 over 2000m in its 3rd start this season, trip up and new, still a maiden, may aim some minor money
1. JAGER BOMB86 59 C.S.Jodha 8]=Last 2 runs unplaced, but positive jockey shift, trip double but favors, consider for place slots
3. ASPEN151d 58 Bhawani Singh 1]=Ran 4 of 9 in a lat dash, same trip, recent improvement supports for some consideration
4. SHE’S AN ACE119 57 G.Amit 2]=A slow to start runner, off the board in last 2 starts, trip significantly up, unknown chances
6. JEENA151 54 S.J.Sunil 7]=Lower class winner 4 runs ago over 1400, later poor performance, can omit
8. OTHELLO119d 53 J.Chinoy 4]=A failed favorite over a mile and got interfered, finished 4 of 13, trip new, warrants attention on trainer’s merit
Our Tips:5 2
For Indian Horses 3 years old only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /10 6 13 2 7
13. RUFFINA(137) 54.5 David Allan 9]=Twice winner in the same track, last win was fluent among 11 runners, looks to be a top line contender
4. EXCELLENT GOLD137 56 Dashrath Singh 11]=An interfered 9 of 11, Dashrath up now, trip up 300, good in trials, blinkers may do the magic note
7. PHOENIX FALCON 56 C.O’Donoghue 3]=Another challenger from Bangalore, twice winner earlier, ground new, trip up 200, may upset here
6. PERFECT STAR(153) 56 P.S.Chouhan 13]=A fluent winner over a mile on 5th Feb, reduced trip, looks will fight out the issue here
10. TUTANKHAMUN(144) 56 Suraj Narredu 12]=Twice winner, once at Bangalore and once here, Suraj continues to ride, in with a decent chance again
11. ANGELS TOUCH161c 54.5 A.Sandesh 2]=Finished close 3rd of 12 in a maiden trip on 12 Feb, Sandesh handles, trainer fielded two note
1. AUTOCRATIC 56 P.Trevor 7]=A challenger from Bangalore, got beaten narrowly at Hyderabad, penultimate maiden winner at Bangalore, trip up 200 and this track is new,  in with a chance
2. AWESOME HOOVES(154) 56 Y.S.Srinath 5]=A fluent winner over 1200, in with a modest chance
5. LINCOLN(141) 56 Neeraj Rawal 4]=Fluent winner over 1000m in its 2nd attempt, top trainer, another 400 to go, must watch better
3. DRAGONMOSS161 56 J.Chinoy 1]=Ran a faraway 7 of 10 in a same trip, looks unlikely here
8. SANDALPHON144 56 S.Sunil 14]=Others far better
9. TIMELESS144b 56 A.Imran Khan 6]=Maiden winner and then ran 2 of 10 in the same trip, in with a modest chance
12. PRINCESS P141c 54.5 Bhawani Singh 10]=An interfered 4 of 7 over 1000m and then far away 3 of 13 over 1000 in maiden races, now meets tough customers
14. SUMMER RAYS137b 54.5 C.S.Jodha 8]=RUFFINA took her left and right in last run, trip little up, must cover more ground to catch it up
Our Tips:7 13
5No.193. THE RUSI PATEL TROPHY 1200 Mts 6.30 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated 20-46. (Class-IV)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /3412
4. ZINFANDELLE(148) 57.5 Neeraj Rawal 3]=An interfered head winner among 17 runners, comes from behind, trip suits, must be a strong contender again
1. ADELINE163d 59.5 P.Trevor 7]=Improved in the last run, connections go for Trevor, trip same , consider
7. TCHIBOUELA110 56.5 G.Amit 11]=Very bad last run, earlier winner lower class, looks has some upset element
2. GREY FLANNEL148b 59.5 A.Sandesh 8]=Consistent form line, penultimate winner CD], Sandesh drafted, in with a chance
3. AIRLIFT116 59 C.S.Jodha 5]=Had an easy run, 3 runs ago winner in the same trip last season, consideration on that form
5. FURIOSA124d 57 S.Sunil 4]=Ran a far away 4th after some interference, 2nd run this season, last time some money came on, may get closer
6. JARAMA70 57 S.A.Amit 6]=Blood vessel broke last run and finished 11 of 12, rested 2 months, modest chance
14. VOULEZ VOUS147 52 Bhawani Singh 9]=A dubious form animal, any time may upset
8. ROYAL ACE 53.5 M.A.Roushan 14]=Ran last April and finished 5 of 9 Lbh 15 plus, a rest might have done some good
9. WARLOCK163 53.5 * Raghuveer Singh 1]=Lower class winner 4 runs ago, later flopped in this class
10. AMICUS CURIAE 52.5 Akshay Gaikwad 10]=Ran easy and finished 5 of 9 in its 1st attempt this season, earlier once placed among 4 runs at Pune, upset chance exists
11. TOMAHAWK1d 52.5 S.J.Sunil 12]=An improved 4 of 8 this season, similar trip, further improvement possible
12. DEMOCRAT164 52 Kishore Kadam 13]=So far performance bad, runs reduced trip, may not harm the favorite
13. DIBABA147 52 * M.Ayyar 2]=Recent performance poor, ROOKIE ADDS TO THE WOES, 4 runs ago mile winner at Pune when Sandesh rode, chance if it sticks to the pace
Our Tips:4 1
A Handicap for Horses Rated 40-66. (Class-III)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /1267
6. PINK PANTHER160 53.5 Suraj Narredu 3]=Last 2 runs off the board, but improvement seen in latest start, Suraj continues to handle, consider
7. CHIZZLER(164) 51.5 A.Sandesh 7]=A fluent winner in its 1st start over 1400, class up, consider on Sandesh ride
1. MISS SAIGON160c 62 P.Trevor 2]=Form upward, handicap up, consideration on its consistency
5. DANCING LORD(91) 53.5 P.S.Chouhan 5]=Managed to win over the same trip in lower class, promoted, might be interested again
2. CARBONARA(160) 60.5 A.Imran Khan 1]=Managed to win the same trip in the same class last run, another such show is not ruled out
3. HEDWIG47b 56.5 S.J.Sunil 6]=ran a good 2nd of 7 over the same trip in last attempt, gets another chance to prove
4. MERABELLA143 56.5 S.Sunil 4]=This season once a failed favorite over a mile and then 5 of 9 over 1400 in higher class after ran an interfered 3 of 7 over a mile and last run was in 1800, back to reasonable trip, upset chance may be
Our Tips:6 7
A Handicap for Horses Rated 53-79. (Class-II)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /457218
5. UNDISPUTED149d 56 A.Imran Khan 9]=Thrice in the minor money this season but without a win, last run was closer, consider as an upset
2. ABBEY(149) 59.5 Suraj Narredu 2]=Heading for a hat trick, pet trip, consistent form, may do it again
4. ALLORA(156) 56.5 P.Trevor 4]=Class up, reduced trip, also a hat trick seeker, Trevor continues, consider
7. GREEK GODDESS132 49 Neeraj Rawal 5]=Takes a jump up to this class, after 3 unplaced efforts, twice winner this trip at Pune note, surprise chance exists
8. MISS ARAZAN 49 S.A.Amit 6]=Pune a failed favorite in the same trip, earlier season fluent winner at Mumbai in this trip, trainer fielded 2 in this race
9. QUIXOTIC121 49 A.Sandesh 1]=Takes a jump up to this class, jockey positive, 3 runs ago finished a close 2nd of 11 at Pune in lower class, may upset here
1. SERENITA149c 62 R.Ajinkya 8]=Continues to attract money in the betting ring, twice third once winner this season, runs pet trip, consider
3. INCENTIO170 59 Akshay Gaikwad 3]=This season 6th run, 3 runs ago winner this trip, late unplaced twice among 3 runs, but not very far away, modest consideration
6. CEZANNE149 52.5 Kishore Kadam 7]=Not maintaining its form runs different trips, 7 runs ago winner last season in this trip, an upset chance is not ruled out
Our Tips: 5 9


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