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Hyderabad Analysis,Tips 25 10 2016 with Pointers


Race Tips with Analysis 25 10 2016
Hyderabad Monsoon 2016
1No.214. THE CHARMINAR TROPHY 1400 Mts 1.20 P.M
For Horses 3 year olds and upward, Cat. II
Horses Considered for the Selection: 1235
1. RIO ROJO(185) 60.5 Suraj Narredu 6]=a nonstop winner this season over different trips, in drowsing form, reduced trip, should add one to its feather, serious consideration
2. ITALIAN CYPRESS183c 60 Akshay Kumar 3]=improved form line, trip same, last run slow out, pattern jockey rides, a strong challenger
6. ASTON DOULTON184 55 P.Sai Kumar 1]=penultimate a failed favorite in the same class, trip goes well with it, trainers one of the quartet, looks a standby
3. BLUE EYED BABE195 58.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 4]=last run was in higher class, earlier consistent, was beaten squarely 2 runs ago by the favorite, reduced trip, may get an useful slot
4. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS189 58 Md.Sameeruddin 5]=unplaced in last 2 starts, upped in trip, trainer field 4 horses in the field of 6, intent unknown
5. STRENGTHANDBEAUTY179 56.5 N.Rawal 2]=unplaced in last start, handicap favors, trainer’s youngest contender here, modest form line
Our Tips: 1 2
2No.215. THE BELLE DANCER PLATE Div. II 1200 Mts 1.50 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated upto 25, Cat.III
Horses Considered for the Selection: /36241
3. JEM STAR201b 60 Praveen Gaddam 8]=consistent in last 6 starts this season, reduced trip, in with a modest chance
6. ARRACACHE192b 57 G.Naresh 7]=ran a good 2nd after getting demoted on 10th Oct, improved chances now, consider
2. TAKE A BOW178 60.5 Aneel 3]=also dropped in class, higher class form no clues
4. OUR ENSIGN188 59.5 Kunal Bunde 9]=another demotee, last 3 runs no show in higher class, earlier far away 4th in higher class in the same trip, little consideration on that
7. ENTER CANTER193 55 * B.R.Kumar 2]=poor form line, shoes positive now, rookie to handle, some magic should happen, questionable intent note
1. INVASION177 61 Akshay Kumar 5]=bad runs this season, but dropped in class, little improved chances now
5. CANNON HOPE201 58 S.Sreekant 6]=ran with the pace and off the board in the same class over 1400 in its last attempt, 2nd run after demotion, may improve, trainers one of the trio
8. RAINBOW BLUES192 54.5 P.Sai Kumar 4]=this season 3rd attempt, ran below par so far, can omit
9. KOHINOOR LOVE193 52 N.Rawal 1]=running between classes, but nothing warrants me to consider
Our Tips: 3 6
3No.216. THE NAGARJUNA SAGAR PLATE 1200 Mts 2.20 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.5,66,328)
A Handicap for Maiden Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III
Horses Considered for the Selection: /91254 11
9. CITI COLORS205c 55 Suraj Narredu 3]=an interfered 3 of 11 in its last attempt, from rookie to Suraj Narredu, positive shoes, consider now
8. TWO ROCK DA WORLD205 55.5 Kuldeep Singh 5]=none of the runs impress me to consider this runner, 3rd run on gelding, last run slow out, runs with an upset chance
1. IN COMMAND177b 60 A.A.Vikrant 7]=forward and was beaten over the same trip last run, little better jockey up, looks will be in thick of things
4. RAJA HINDUSTANI205 56 T.S.Jodha 8]=unplaced in last 4 runs,  jockey positive, 2nd attempt this season, looks a fighter
5. SEFARINA193b 56 G.Naresh 10]=latest ran a good 2nd in lowest class, looks to have improved, consider
2. HARD FOUGHT204c 56.5 Ajit Singh 4]=always in the money board despite different trips, deserves your attention here
11. WHISPER 55 P.S.Chouhan 1]=this season first attempt, top jockey appointed, last 2 runs no show, improvement expected on this successful TJ combo
3. PLAY IT COOL182 56 N.S.Rathore 2]=last run was pathetic, earlier far away 4 of 10, inconsistency, little reduced trip, should improve more for consideration
6. DARAKHSHAN SETARAH158w 55.5 Akshay Kumar 9]=@maiden class no show, this season 3rd attempt, now the company looks little weaker, little consideration on that
7. TA TA178 55.5 Abhishek S.Pawar 11]=career 7th attempt, no shows so far, trainers doosra, trip same, unknown intent
10. OH PHARAOH177 55 S.Sreekant 6]=never improved in last 4 starts, must improve a lot for consideration
12. RAM MAN199 54.5 Praveen Gaddam 12]=so far no show, changes trip, last 2 runs were in a mile, but looks heading for a lower class
Our Tips: 9 8
4No.217. THE PERCEIVED VALUE CUP 1600 Mts 2.55 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III
5 year olds and upward
Horses Considered for the Selection: /573810
5. BRILLIANT(181) 56.5 P.Trevor 2]=a start to finish winner over 1800, reduced trip, TREVOR RIDES, can consider again
7. CANBERRA181 56 Akshay Kumar 1]=a close 5th of 9 over 1800, earlier a fluent winner over this trip, better on relative handicap, looks to be a serious threat here
3. VIJAY VIDYUT181d 58 R.Laxmikant 8]=no runs reduced trip, last 2 runs placed, improved chances on recent form
8. ICE BARRIER203b 55.5 Kunal Bunde 5]=shown some interest while finishing 2 of 9 over 1400 in its last attempt, trip fine, may improve
10. CIRILLO175b 50 P.Ajeeth Kumar 9]=runs with pace, ran 2 of 10 in lower class, promoted now, may be useful if the fancied ones fail
1. BUCKSHEE186 60.5 G.Naresh 3]=running nowhere in last 4 runs, back to proven trip, age group favors now, consideration on that
2. FIELD COMMANDER203d 58 Ajit Singh 7]=an unimpressive 4 of 9 over 1400, trip little up, runs late, modest consideration
4. ONDHA ONDHA ONDHA173 57 * Rafique Sk. 6]=2nd run of this season, better rookie up now, trip up 2 furlong  and not proven, modest chance
6. ROMA ROUGE121 56.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 4]=from rookie to a jockey now, trip up, form line poor, questionable intent of the trainer
9. DEAR FRIEND194 54.5 S.Sreekant 10]=winner 2 runs ago over 1400, later unplaced twice, an inconsistent runner, but gets back to its age group is a news, can consider on that
Our Tips: 5 7
5No.218. THE BELLE DANCER PLATE Div. I 1200 Mts 3.25 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated upto 25, Cat.III
Horses Considered for the Selection: /2178
2. NEW COMER188 61 B.Dileep 2]=another runner dropped down to this class, trip little up, may improve
1. ATHLETIC APPROACH199 61 P.Sai Kumar 6]=unplaced in last 4 starts, from mile to 1200 now, from higher class to lower class, positive shoes, intent looks good, consider on ring odds fluctuations
3. YET ANOTHER196 61 Akshay Kumar 1]=positive shoes, class dropped, takes on youngsters, same trip, upset chance may be
8. KINNERA135 55 Praveen Gaddam 4]=marginal improvement seen in lat run, may get closer
9. FRESCO175 53 N.Rawal 7]=last 5 runs poor in the same class over different trips, runs forward, reduced trip may favor, but runs on negative shoes
7. MAN OF THE SERIES192 56.5 G.Naresh 3]=ran far down the field last run, earlier placed 4th in the same trip, a tricky customer to judge
5. CANNON GREY199 58 * B.R.Kumar 8]=running between classes, runs all trips but never got a place in last 9 runs
4. HALIFAX201 59.5 A.A.Vikrant 5]=last 2 runs were in the same class and finished far down the field, looks tough here
6. KOHINOOR CHARM192 57.5 S.Sreekant 9]=others look far better
Our Tips: 2 1
For Maiden Horses 2 year olds only (Foaled in 2014)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /likely odds
5. PRINCE CASPIAN 55 P.S.Chouhan 8]=debut run, well bred, Chouhan up, eldest of all,  deserves consideration
9. STAR STYLE 53.5 T.S.Jodha 5]=debut run, runner from Mysore
7. CLARISA 53.5 Dashrath Singh 6]=debut run, Dashrath up
2. ARROW ARROW ARROW 55 P.Trevor 2]=debut run, top jockey up
1. AMOROUS WHITE 55 Akshay Kumar 3]=debut run
3. CITY OF SAILS 55 K.Sai Kiran 9]=debut run
4. JUMEIRA EXPRESS 55 Kuldeep Singh 7]=debut run
6. ROYAL VICTORY 55 P.Ajeeth Kumar 4]=debut run
8. NEWS O’ STAR 53.5 Kunal Bunde 1]=debut run
Our Tips:5 9
7No.220. THE ANGLER PLATE 1400 Mts 4.30 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III
which have not won more than one race
Horses Considered for the Selection: /1865
1. BATUR(143) 60 Dashrath Singh 2]=surprising turn of foot, trip another 200 up, now in handicap, strong consideration
2. SURPRISE PARTY91d 60 N.S.Rathore 4]=after winning a race at winter over the same trip ran thrice this season unplaced, not without a chance
8. BACK TO BUSINESS191b 57 P.S.Chouhan 5]=ran a late 2nd of 7 in its last attempt, trip fine, Chouhan up now, runs with an upset chance
6. MIRFIELD(182) 58.5 P.Sai Kumar 6]=winner CD] on 9th Oct, handicap little up, may defy the penalty and get closer
5. INDIAN DREAMS158d 58.5 K.Sai Kiran 8]=after winning a maiden race on 22nd Feb ran twice this season over different trips and got placed, now reduced trip, include all pools
3. QUEEN TO RULE197c 59 P.Ajeeth Kumar 1]=last run slow out and finished 3 of 10, earlier got planted, much earlier maiden winner, trip new, may get closer
4. AMAZING VENUS165c 58.5 K.Mukesh Kumar 3]=ran 3 of 15 over 11, tries new trip, runs on negative shoes, may be useful in your pool games
7. SCOOBY DOOBY DOO194 58.5 T.S.Jodha 7]=ignore last run, earlier ran 6 of 8, much earlier ran faraway 4 of 7, modest chance
9. MONTE ROSA199c 55 A.A.Vikrant 9]=still a maiden after may runs, runs forward, trip little reduced, modest chance
10. ANGELS BAY174 51 Abhishek S.Pawar 10]=looks heading for the lowest class
Our Tips: 1 2
8No.221. THE MAHABUBNAGAR PLATE Div. II 1200 Mts 5.05 P.M
A Handicap for Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III
Note : Jockeys / Apprentice Jockeys are not permitted to carry whips
Horses Considered for the Selection: /3216
3. SEA CASTLE90 55.5 Dashrath Singh 4]=drifted out and finished nowhere in its last attempt as a favorite, Dashrath in place of Deepak, penultimate ran 5 of 9 in a terms race, may improve here
2. CHINESE THOUGHT(174) 57 A.A.Vikrant 6]=winner on 6th attempt over 1000m, trip little up, modest chance again
6. TIME IS LUCK180c 52.5 R.Laxmikant 2]=ran with a pace and finished 3 of 10 in its last attempt, trip little up, improved chances now
1. RUBY’S GIFT165 60 N.Rawal 5]=ran 6 of 15 despite Suraj up in its last attempt, earlier finished 2 of 9 , inconsistent, but deserves a chance again
4. ROSE ETERNAL165d 55 T.S.Jodha 3]=ran a faraway 4 of 15 in its only attempt this season, jockey has picked up form, penultimate maiden winner during winter, deserves a fresh look
5. GREEN STRIKER197d 54 P.Ajeeth Kumar 7]=faraway 4 of 10 last run, little improved form line, but runs on negative shoes
7. ASHWINI197 52 Kunal Bunde 1]=penultimate winner lower class, last run no show in this class, a dubious form animal
Our Tips: 3 4



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