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Tips without Analysis For Kolkata Races 29 Mar 2017


Race Tips with Analysis 29 03 2017
1No.208. THE CHEVIOT HANDICAP 1400 Mts 1.30 P.M
Class V; A Handicap for Horses Rated 1-26.
Horses Considered for the Selection: /2 3 1 6 9
9. MCCARTNEY202 54 Hindu Singh 8]=Except last run earlier placed 4th thrice, now runs reduced trip, runs with pace, looks has strong claims now
1. DESERT CAT204c 62 C.Alford 1]=7th run this season, latest 3 of 8 five lengths down, down in class and up in weights, but Alford to take care
2. NEW CHALLENGER201b 62 B.Mahesh 2]=This season 6th run, latest ran 2 of 9 over 1100 Lbh less than 1, good chance to prove in this trip
6. ROMANCER146 58.5 * Nikhil Naidu 9]=Last 4 runs off the board over different trips, demotion 4th run, now positive shoes, the intent looks good, consider as an upset
3. SAM HOUSTON202b 60.5 Dashrath Singh 7]=A notable 2nd over a mile Lbh 4 ¼, runs forward, Dashrath continues to ride, improved chance on reduced trip
4. TIBETAN161 60 * Sujit Kr.Paswan 4]=So far no show, a failed favorite over a mile in last run, now rookie up, last time got interfered, may spring a surprise
10. FLY FLY192 52.5 Ranidan Singh 6]=Recent ran over a mile and 2000m, 3 runs ago placed 4th over 2000, came down in handicap, upset chance may be
5. SMALL TALK161 59 * R.S.Bhati 10]=This season twice placed among 5 runs, trip not new, from Alford to a rookie now, last time there was reckoning in the ring note
7. ZURVAN202 58.5 Pintu Das 5]=This season 8th run, demotion 2nd run, no improvement seen, looks can omit
8. SWEET SUSPENSE201 56 * Rupal Singh 3]=Unplaced in last 3 starts, last 2 runs come  with valid reasons, upped in trip and not new, little improved chances
Our Tips: 9 1
2No.209. THE MYALL KING HANDICAP Div. I 1200 Mts 2.00 P.M
Class IV; A Handicap for Horses Rated 21-46, Rated 1-26 eligible.
Horses Considered for the Selection: /3 7 2 4 1 5 8
1. ORIENTAL ROCKY193 60 Ranidan Singh 4]=Demoted now, last 3 runs were in higher class, may not stay in this class for too long, consider
4. FIRE FALCON188d 58 Vinay Jaiswal 5]=Consistency seen in last 4 starts, winner, close 3rd, close 2nd and then latest 4th of 14 over 1400, oldie, consider
7. STUDIOFIFTYFOUR129b 54.5 Akash Rajput 8]=6th run this season, latest ran far away 2 of 9, same trip, improved chance
3. APSARAS184 59 Dashrath Singh 7]=Last3 runs bad, earlier good 2nd of 13, now Dashrath up, looks will stake its claim
5. LUCKY STREAK184d 56.5 * R.S.Bhati 6]=6 runs without a win this season, twice 4th including latest run, modest chance
2. GLORIOUS RUN188 59.5 Shezad Khan 3]=Earlier 2 wins in a row over 1100m, last run was poor over 1400, back to short trip, looks will improve
8. SIGNIFICANT193 54 * Sujit Kr.Paswan 1]=Winner 2 runs ago in lower class, last 2 runs unplaced again, may find little tough here
6. QUATRO142 55.5 * Hasib Alam 2]=Never ran interested in last 3 runs, little reduced trip, may not threaten here
Our Tips: 1 4
3No.210. THE MYALL KING HANDICAP Div. II 1200 Mts 2.30 P.M
Class IV; A Handicap for Horses Rated 21-46, Rated 1-26 eligible
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5 6 8 2 1 4
5. JABBLE169c 56 Akash Rajput 1]=An interfere 3 of 9 Lbh less than 2, earlier blood vessel broke, now better rider up, under serious consideration
2. SILKEN GRACE172 59.5 * R.S.Bhati 3]=Not showing any interest in last 2 runs, now rookie to handle, but reduced trip is to its liking note
1. WORDS194 60 Ranidan Singh 6]=9th attempt  this season, thrice placed over this trip, a performing class note
8. LAND OF GLORY(200) 53 Hindu Singh 2]=Latest ran managed to win over 1100 and upped in class, looks little difficult to repeat, yet can consider
4. INDUS PRINCE188 58 Nelson Maseyk 8]=Last 2 runs off the board, earlier 3 of 9 over 1400, little inconsistent customer, but if it runs to forward is a threat
6. ZENA193 55.5 Neeraj Rawal 4]=Winner 5 runs ago and then twice placed among 5 runs, may perform better now
3. KAARTIKEN193 58.5 * Rupal Singh 7]=Penultimate winner over 1100 and then flopped in the same trip last run, may not do it again
7. AZZRAQ184 55 * P.Vikram 5]=Recent form very bad, can continues to omit
Our Tips:5 1
4No.211. THE ASTRE D’OR HANDICAP 1100 Mts 3.00 P.M
Class III; A Handicap for Horses Rated 41-66, Rated 21-46 Eligible
Horses Considered for the Selection: /2 3 1 6
6. MY LADY LUCK(147) 57 Vinay Jaiswal 8]=After being fairly consistent winner of a similar race in lower class, runs forward, repeat chance exists
3. ALTUS194c 59.5 Hindu Singh 2]=Thrice placed this season, but a win is eluding this mare, good chance on her consistency now
1. BORN TO WIN194b 60 * Nikhil Naidu 6]=2nd of 9 in the same trip in its last run, improved chance on that run
2. FLIGHT OF PHOENIX185 60 Dashrath Singh 1]=Last run finished 9 of 10 for no reason, earlier winner of this trip when this rider rode, may be in the mix up now
7. TIBIDABO196 56 Nelson Maseyk 5]=5 runs this season, 2 runs ago finished close 3rd of 11 in this trip, later 2 runs no show over 1200 and 1400, now reduced trip, runs with an upset chance note
8. RAMESSES185 53 Ranidan Singh 7]=Last 6 runs misleading, capable of better performance, moody, not showing out note
4. MONSIEUR STRAUSS194 57.5 Jugnu Gurung 4]=After placing a good 2nd on 24th Dec last 4 runs got unplaced is a great worry
5. SHINING MELODY194 57.5 Shezad Khan 3]=Not showing enough zeal in last 5 starts of this season, cannot not lay hand
Our Tips:6 3
5No.212. THE BHISHMA HANDICAP 1100 Mts 3.30 P.M
Class II; A Handicap for Horses Rated 61-86, Rated 41-66 Eligible
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5 6 1 7 4
4. TANGALOOMAA185b 57 Jorawar Singh 2]=This season 6th run, consistent always except one run, form upward, in with a good chance
5. ROMAN FLAME 56.5 C.Alford 4]=Had a single run last monsoon season, now Alford up, runs after 21st Sep, recent form unknown, but has the chance
3. SIMRAN’S CHOICE191 57 Vinay Jaiswal 5]=6 runs this season, gets very often slow to start, twice placed, latest 3 runs misleading, may surprise on level start
6. SHIVALIK STORY197 56.5 Dashrath Singh 1]=Last 4 starts nowhere, Dashrath up, improved performance possible, a failed favorite on 18th Mar note
1. FLANKER(197) 60 Ranidan Singh 8]=A recent winner 1200 and then went up in handicap, comes from behind, trip looks little too sharp
2. NO POLITICS PLEASE197 59.5 Md.Sameer 3]=Last 4 runs suggest no recent form , looks has lost interest in racing
7. STAR ONE(162) 56.5 * Nikhil Naidu 9]=A recent winner running on promotion, similar trip, can expect another such show
8. CELERINO197 56 Neeraj Rawal 7]=Penultimate run winner in lower class, last run was very bad here, may not be that threatening
9. JACKNIFE197 55.5 Akash Rajput 6]=Twice winner lower class, later flopped in this class, an about turn is possible
Our Tips:4 5
6No.213. THE DELHI RACE CLUB (1940) LTD. CUP. 1400 Mts 4.00 P.M
Class I; A Handicap for Horses Rated 81 & above, Rated 61-86 Eligible.
Horses Considered for the Selection: /1 5 7 8 10
5. SETAFLAME206b 56.5 Neeraj Rawal 4]=This season 4 runs, latest ran 2 of 8 over 1200, this trip might suit note
8. INTERSTELLAR174d 53.5 Hindu Singh 5]=Showing enough interest in last 2 starts, can be an useful contender here
3. ACRIDER174 58 C.Alford 2]=2 of 9 in 1400, 3 of 6 in a mile then 6 of 6 in a terms race then 7 of 7 over 2200 and 8 of 12 after a slow take off, marginal improvement seen latest, Alford up, improved chance now
6. SHOURISHA167c 55.5 Dashrath Singh 10]=Penultimate run winner over 2200m and latest ran 3 of 8 over a mile, trip little reduced, may get closer
7. BULLRUN191b 54 Akash Rajput 1]=Takes a jump up to this class after placing 2 of 12 over a mile Lbh 2, runs with pace, may upset here
9. ADEMARO174w 53 Jorawar Singh 9]=Unplaced in last 3 starts including one this season, runs reduced trip,  may improve further
1. STARISTOCRAT 63.5 * Nikhil Naidu 8]=A fairly consistent customer as Pune, runs after 8th Oct, this track new, can consider
2. COPERNICUS198 59 B.Mahesh 3]=In last 6 starts 4 times slow out and 4 times finished in the money, a level start may see it through, little unreliable type
4. NO MORE POLITICS198 58 Sandeep Rajput 7]=Last run slow out and then finished 6 of 6, earlier good 2nd of 12 in the same trip  and class note
10. TORINO198d 51.5 * P.Vikram 6]=7th start this season, once 2nd, twice 3rd and once 4th, modest chance to be in the board
Our Tips:8 5
7No.214. THE MIDNIGHT COWBOY CUP 1200 Mts 4.30 P.M
For Horses 4 years old and over
Horses Considered for the Selection: /2 1 3 6
1. EVESHAM100 60 C.Alford 4]=Winner 4 runs ago, twice placed this season, can put up an improved show here
2. COMMANDER198b 55.5 Neeraj Rawal 1]=This season thrice in the place money, reduced trip a little worry, still a good chance
6. NOVERRO109c 54.5 Dashrath Singh 5]=This season 5th run, latest finished far away 3 of 12 in a mile race, runs reduced trip, runs with an upsetting chance note
5. MAKE WAY FOR ME206c 54.5 Hindu Singh 3]=This season 6th run twice failed favorite, latest placed close 3rd of 8 in the same trip note
7. GENTLE KNOWLEDGE206d 53 Ranidan Singh 6]=Latest ran 4 of 8 in the same trip, now handicap reverse, may upset
3. ZANDER100 55.5 Shailesh Shinde 7]=Last 3 runs no show here, trainer fielded one more note
4. KNIGHTHOOD206 54.5 Akash Rajput 2]=Getting slow out in last 2 runs and unplaced, chances unknown
Our Tips:2 1
8No.215. THE GOOLAGONG HANDICAP 1400 Mts 5.00 P.M
Class III; A Handicap for Horses Rated 41-66, Rated 21-46 Eligible
Horses Considered for the Selection: /7 1 12 8 9 10
7. ROLLY POLLY186b 55 C.Alford 2]=Knocking the door loudly, shoes and rider very much positive, appeals strongly
1. RUNNING HAND196c 60.5 Hindu Singh 4]=Has been unlucky in last 6 starts, consistency seen, good chance to amend earlier failures.
6. PICK POCKET186d 55 Afzal Khan 9]=This season 9th run, latest placed 4 of 9 in the same trip, little promise on that
9. ATHLETICO190d 51.5 Dashrath Singh 7]=5th run this season, latest placed 4 of 10 over  mile Lbh 5, reduced trip, may get little closer
2. EL CID203d 59.5 Akash Rajput 5]=Runs very frequently, latest 2 runs in the minor money, little reduced trip, may get better place spot now
3. FIBONACCI SEQUENCE165 58.5 Sk.Zaffar Riaz 3]=Ran 5 times this season once placed, looks difficult here
4. REGAL196 56.5 Surjeet Singh 6]=Unplaced in last 4 starts, had some minor reasons, not that promising
5. MURLOUGH BAY190 55 Md.Azharuddin 10]=8th run this season, twice placed earlier, last 2 runs unplaced, runs forward, may improve
8. BIZARRO165 52 Arman Khan 1]=A poor performer all the way, can continue to omit
10. MUSTANG186 51.5 Neeraj Rawal 8]=Unplaced in last run, earlier 2 of 7 over 1100, may be aiming some place money
Our Tips:7 1
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