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Mysore Race Tips with Analysis 18 Jan 2017


Race Tips with Analysis:18 JAN 2017
For Indian Horses 3 years old only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /63281
6. CAPTAIN AMERICA 54.5 Keanen G.Steyn 2]=debut run, top trainer, determined jockey, can consider
8. STAR STYLE57b 53 Irvan Singh 6]= a failed favourite twice, latest ran 2 of 8 in 1200m lbh 1/2 , trip little up put chance to amend
3. NIKKA(26) 57 Ajeet Kumar 7]= a fluent winner on 7th dec over 1200m, blood vessel broke lost run, trip up 300, in with a chance again
2. DOMITIA(10) 57 M.Prabhakaran 3]= winner on debut effort, trip of 200, shoes positive, runs after 52 days, may be interested again
1. COUNTRY’S STORM(18) 57 Saddam Hussain 1]= had two runs this season, winner on 30 Nov over 1100m, trip up 300 , can consider in this extended trip too
4. ADMIRAL ACT43c 54.5 Cedric Segeon 8]=ran 3 of 5 over 1100 in its debut effort, lbh 4 1/4 , trip up 300m, positive shoes, looks to have improved, upset chance if any
5. ANGEL GUARD43 54.5 M.Madhu Babu 5]= had 4 runs this season still a maiden, looks others are better here
7. KING OF THE RING26 54.5 S.Santosh Kumar 4]= last run was seen hanging in, finished 7 of 7 lbh 28plus, looks will take some more time
Our Tips: 6 3
2No.78. THE SIRSI PLATE 1600 Mts 2.00 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /4975 1
4. SAFE BET44w 59.5 Vivek 7]= had a single run this season finished 7 of 12 in 1200m, lbh 14 trip significantly up by 400, marginal improvement seen, should be taking a chance now
9. INFINITHOUGHTS60b 52 Irvan Singh 1]= this season 3rd effort latest run finished 2 of 12 in an interfered race, lbh 1 ¼ trip little up can consider on recent show
5. SAZAE SAN60 55.5 * R.Ajay Kumar 4]= rank 4 times this season finished 20f 12 in 1400m and then ran 3 times unplaced over 1400, average lbh 5 plus, positive shoes now , may upset here note
10. SUBHAGYA35 50 Nitin Singh 6]= last 6 runs no show including two this season, runs trip up has come down in handicap, an upset chances not ruled out
1. EUDORA70d 62 M.Madhu Babu 5]= last run was in higher class trips same, class dropped lbh 7 plus, in with a chance
7. BLACKWIND(60) 55 Ajeet Kumar 10]= latest winner over 1400, now runs on negative shoes, trip little up, may aim a place slot
2. SUPER LADY70 61.5 Shiva Kumar 8]= last 4 runs nowhere in higher class, demotion first run, same jockey to guide unknown chances here
3. TIME ALWAYS62 61 L.Prashant 3]= this season 3rd attempt demotion 2nd effort, trip up 200, must improve little attempt
6. AS ALWAYS60d 55 * Yogesh V.Salvi 9]= this season 4th effort, finished 3 times in the minor money over 1400m, average lbh 5, trip little up, rookie to continue, looks has some sinister  intent
8. ALWAYS ON TOP 54 Shivnath Paswan 2]= oldie, this season 2 runs nowhere, latest in finished 10 of 12 over 1200m, lbh 11 and ½ modest chance
Our Tips:5 9
3No.79. THE SANKRANTHI PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 2.30 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
5 years old and over
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5 10 6 8 7
7. ALPS55 55 Keanen G.Steyn 8]= after finishing a flow 2nd of 11 in the same trip rank unplaced twice subsequently, a failed favourite this season looks to be a top line contender here
5. WOLF ROCK59c 56.5 M.Madhu Babu 9]= 5th attempt this season, thrice placed last run lbh 3 and ½ over 1200m consistency seen, under active consideration
10. ICE WEAPON58c 54.5 Ajeet Kumar 5]= twice placed 3rd this season, runs same trip average lbh 2 and 1/12 can amend failures
11. SIVANTA45b 54 Shiva Kumar 12]= ran a good 2nd of 12 in its latest attempt over a mild, runs with pace, can expect to be in the mix up
6. ESOTERICAL(62) 55.5 Arman Ali Jafri 6]= winner running on promotion, allowanced jockey up to lessen the burden, repeat chance exists
8. ICE BROWN61c 55 G.Sai Vamshi 1]= consistent in last 2 runs over 1200m trip little up runs little late, this trip may suit better
1. HAPPY VICTORY63 61 Vivek 11]= fourth attempt this season ran 3of 12 in 1100m and then ran 3 of 11 in 1400m, latest ran 6of 12 in 1200m, model farm line can consider
2. PASSING FULCRUM5 57.5 Cedric Segeon 4]= had a single run this season runs a same trip, lbh 9and ½ better rider drafted improved chance on that
3. INDIAN16 56.5 * M.Abhilash 3]= had a 4 run over 1200m on 23 November, second run of some rest now rookie up, may bounce back to its old farm
4. SCARAMOUCHE61 56.5 S.Mubarak 2]= this season 6th attempt trip little up so far unplaced last run got interfered  modest farm line, may improved
9. CERZAMA58 54.5 Irvan Singh 7]= a poor performer so far, runs the same trip, may improve on jockey strength
12. ARMAN56 53.5 Janardhan Paswan 10]= all the runs bad this season, runs trip up others look far better
Our Tips: 7 5
4No.80. THE ANTEQUERA PLATE 1200 Mts 3.00 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
5 years old and over
Horses Considered for the Selection: /679 1 2
6. COUNTRY’S CHARM(44) 57.5 Saddam Hussain 10]= winner over on 1100 on 21st dec, penalized trip little up may touch the money board
9. NERON69c 54 Irvan Singh 11]=last two runs placed runs all trips, modest consideration
1. ROBINHOOD PANDEY30d 62.5 Noorulla 6]= thrice ran this season and thrice placed, class dropped, trip dropped, good chance to amend
2. SAMAY BALWAN61d 62 * Mohammed Mushraf 4]= a failed favourite two runs ago over 1400m, penultimate finished 2 of 11 lbh 1 in 1200, latest ran 4 0f 12 in higher class can account for this set note
3. HEIDRUN29 59.5 Anil Baandal 3]= ignore last runs lbh 1, runs forward gets another chance to proved
4. LA PIPERI 59 Sarvan Kumar 8]= last 2 runs unplaced, earlier placed far with 3 of 12 over 1400m lbh 12, at rookie customer to consider, runs with upset chance to note
5. BREAK ON THRU52 57.5 A.R.Pradeep 7]= no show in last 3 runs, others looks better
7. COFFEE TIME62c 56.5 M.Madhu Babu 5]= slow out and last two runs placed 3rd, modest chance
8. SWISS LADY60 56 N.Ramesh Kumar 9]= this season 4th run unplaced so far ,looks will take some more time
10. STRIDE TO SUCCESS69 53.5 Janardhan Paswan 12]= and in and out case, penultimate run was better, upset chance may be
11. BEAUTIFUL REVENGE1 51 Shiva Kumar 2]=  marginal improvement  seen in last run ,runs the same trip this season 2nd attempt may improve
12. AGLAIA46 50 Nitin Singh 1]= had a single run this season finished 9 of 12 lbh same quarter must improve more for considering here
Our Tips: 2 6
5No.81. THE SANKRANTHI PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 3.30 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
5 years old and over
Horses Considered for the Selection: /12 2 10 5
12. ICE SPRINT59 55.5 * M.L.Bhosle 7]= penultimate run was better, ignore latest
2. KIR ROYALE58w 62.5 Irvan Singh 6]= knocking the door, consistent form line , can amend  failures
10. AMAZING KHODAL58d 58.5 * R.Ajay Kumar 3]= consistency seen, runs same trip, consider
6. MISS INTERNATIONAL76 60.5 * Yogesh V.Salvi ]= not running very far away in two runs, can amend failures, consider seriously
5. DHANYAVAAD64 61.5 * M.Abhilash 12]= two runs ago finished good 4 of 12 in higher class, last run a failed favourite, now rookie up class dropped, good chance to upset
1. AMAZING38 62.5 G.Y.Rajesh Babu 10]= penultimate winner CD] and last run got interfered, this company is little tougher modest consideration
3. PROTECTOR OF PARIS 62.5 G.Sai Vamshi 5]= this season 6th attempt not very far away in 2 runs can consider
4. BEAUTIFUL EFFECT64 61.5 * M.Bhaskar 4]= penultimate winner CD] later ran unplaced now back to performing class modest consideration
7. RUTHBA64 60.5 Ajeet Kumar 1]= running below par this season, capable of better performance, keep an eye
8. COUNTER POINT 59.5 L.Prashant 11]= last 4 runs unplaced 4th run on demotion may improve
9. CROWN EMPEROR76 59.5 Shiva Kumar 8]= 2nd run after a class drop chance to improve
11. ZOE63 58 M.Prabhakaran 2]= winner 2 runs ago, over the same trip last 2 runs unplaced ,may be involved in place money
Our Tips:
6No.82. THE HIMALAYAS PLATE Div. II 1100 Mts 4.00 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)No Whip
Horses Considered for the Selection: /8 1 5
8. TERI ADAH72c 57 Arman Ali Jafri 7]= ran far away 3 of 11 in its last start, a win for her is long overdue
1. IRELAND45 60 * M.Abhilash 3]= this season 2nd attempt, trip significantly reduced, runs forward, can consider
2. OCEANA38 60 G.Y.Rajesh Babu 1]= last 2 runs got interfered, a clean run should yield better results
9. AHU46 55.5 S.Guruprasad 4]= career 2nd start, unplaced in last run, takes a jump up to this class, looks will upset here
3. MR BIG SHOT36 59.5 Ajeet Kumar 11]= 2nd run after long rest, last run was very bad, surprise chance exist
4. DELTIN72 58.5 M.Madhu Babu 6]= unplaced in 5 starts, must know before recommending
5. PEACE TIME59 58.5 Irvan Singh 2]= career 3rd start, this season 2nd attempt, improvement expected
6. GOLDEN CRUISE 57.5 * Shivpoojan Yadav 10]= last 5 runs no show, rookie to guide, unknown chances
7. FRIENDS FOREVER56 57 S.Santosh Kumar 8]= this class no show, earlier winner lower class improvement seen, can upset
10. CYCLOPS36 55 Vijay Kumar 5]= poor performance so far, must improve more for considering
12. OCEAN MAGIC37 53.5 L.Prashant 9]= so far performance bad, last run was in lower class, others look better
Our Tips: 8 9
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 60 and above (Class-II)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /5 10 6 11 3 12
5. MICHAELA(13) 55.5 Cedric Segeon 10]- ignore last run in the Bangalore company, earlier 3 times fluent winner, strong consideration now
3. EXTRA SPARK66d 57 M.Prabhakaran 2]= this season 3rd attempt, positive shoes now, trip little up, intent good consider
10. MOMOTARO48c 51.5 Irvan Singh 5]= ran consistently this season, lbh 1, same trip, good chance to amend, under active consideration
12. KAGUYA HIMEI48d 50 Ajeet Kumar 8]= ran 4 of 10 lbh 1 in the same trip consider
6. JUST BY CHANCE(64) 54.5 S.Mubarak 1]= winner up the 1200m on 4th Jan, trip up looks little tough
1. CLASS IS CLASS66 67.5 * R.Ajay Kumar 4]= penultimate winner over this trip, a true weight career, can consider
2. REANNA48 60.5 * Shivpoojan Yadav 7]= from jockey to a rookie now, improvement seen in last run, may upset here
4. CASTLE KING15 56 Saddam Hussain 12]= last run got interfered, 2 runs ago finished close 4 of 6 in the same trip, runs on negative shoes, can upset
7. OCEANIC STORM75 54 M.Madhu Babu 9]= 3 runs this season once placed trip significantly up, modest chance
8. ACE FORCE66 53.5 Janardhan Paswan 6]= this season second attempt trip up 200, may improve
9. NAVAL GLORY66 53.5 Shivnath Paswan 3]= last 3 runs unplaced, much was expected earlier, may upset here
11. ABSOLUTE BRAVE40 50 Nitin Singh 11]= so far unplaced, trip up and not new, must improve more for considering
Our Tips: 5 3
8No.84. THE HIMALAYAS PLATE Div. I 1100 Mts 5.00 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /likely odds
4. COUNTRY’S COURAGE(71) 60.5 * G.Rohith 12]=a lower class fluent winner over the same trip on 11th Jan, takes the quick entry here, rookie to guide, good repeat chance
10. CALIFORNIA DREAM 55 Keanen G.Steyn 10]=2 runs in maiden class nowhere, this class may be a boon to her, last 2 runs were at Mumbai, may do well here
9. TOUCH OF ROMANCE(54) 56.5 Cedric Segeon 3]=winner lower class and got promoted, runs little late, modest chance to upset
7. EPHIALTIES36 57 Vivek 7]=placed and unplaced this season, positive shoes, reduced trip, can consider as an upset
1. FOREST QUEEN58 62 G.Y.Rajesh Babu 6]=penultimate winner over 1100 and then later ran 10 of 11 over 1400, back to short trip, looks will evince some interest now
5. BORN FOR SUCCESS 59.5 * R.Ajay Kumar 1]=ran a close 2nd of 12 over 1200 in its last run this class, runs forward, in with a chance
2. INVINCIBLE WISH38c 62 Ajeet Kumar 9]=had a single run over 1200 and finished 3 of 12, Lab 4, runs little late, trip looks too sharp
3. BRYANT PARK63 61.5 S.Santosh Kumar 2]=had 5 runs this season, winner 1200 in 1st run and then ran 3 of 11, Lab 2 ¾, later ran unplaced over 1200, penultimate ran close 2nd of 12 over 1200, Lab less than 1, last run off the board, a forward runner capable of doing better
6. PASSING FANCY63 58 Md.Sameer 5]=last 4 runs no show including one this season, must get its old form for considering
8. RUNNING STORM76 56.5 M.Madhu Babu 8]=not doing enough to merit attention, a win for him is long overdue note
11. CHROME56 54.5 L.Prashant 4]=last 4 runs were not clean, earlier far away 2nd in terms class, looks will take some more time
12. JAMAIS VU61b 54.5 S.G.Prasad 11]=finished twice 2nd in this season, oldie, modest chance to be in place money
Our Tips: 10 4
9No.85. THE BOLD MAJESTY PLATE 1400 Mts 5.30 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /9 3 6 8
9. POET(50) 53.5 Keanen G.Steyn 4]=a bloodless winner last run, new to this class, but a top line contender here, runs the same trip, strong consideration
3. TREMENDOUS53d 59.5 S.Santosh Kumar 3]=slow out and finished 4 of 8, Lbh 2 ¾, 2nd run on gelding, a level start may see it in the money
6. ASCENDENCY(58) 55.5 Saddam Hussain 11]=winner lower class and got promoted, runs forward, modest chance in this class
8. CARISA65 53.5 Vivek 10]=this season 8th attempt, penultimate placed 2nd of 11 in lower class, last run was in a mile, reduced trip may favor
1. SKYJET(47) 60.5 Nitin Singh 8]=this season 5th run, winner 1400 and went up in handicap, negative shoes, unlikely to do it again
2. CAMPEON33 59.5 Ajeet Kumar 5]=demotion 1st run, from 1200 to 1400, trip not new, consider
4. SECRET TOUCH67 59 G.Y.Rajesh Babu 2]=this season 4 runs, once finished 3rd in 1100, now gets trip up, looks difficult
5. EXCELONCE65 58.5 Irvan Singh 7]=last run got interfered and finished 5 of 8, earlier close 2nd of 8 in the same trip, can be given one more chance
7. ALIBOXER47b 54.5 Shivnath Paswan 9]=consistency seen, but gets extended trip, this season twice failed favorite over 1200 and 1100, @ Lbh less than 1, can consider as an upset
10. ANONYMOUS(61) 53 M.Kumar 1]=managed to win over 1200, trip up, age group negative
11. SPINNING CHAKRAM41 53 S.G.Prasad 12]=last 3 runs no show, from rookie to a jockey, reduced trip, may be in the place money
12. STELLENBOSCH76 51 Janardhan Paswan 6]=penultimate winner lower class, later unplaced in lower class, takes a jump up, looks not enough to threaten the winner
Our Tips: 9


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