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Mysore Races Analysis and Tips with Colour Shading 04 Sep 2015


1No.44. THE S.HAJEE MEMORIAL PLATE 1100 Mts 1.30 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order: 5 1` 7 9 10 4 3
5. VITO 59.5 Suraj Narredu 3 ]=a good 2nd last  run, rookie to a jockey now, can deliver the goods
1. REVERBERATING 62.5 Janardhan Paswan 4 ]=down to lowest class, 3 runs in maiden  and one in higher class nowhere, trip down 700m, chance to improve in this class
7. SCORCHING12 58.5 * R.Rayan Ahmed 9 ]=had an unrevealing run last time, trip down 300, capable of running forward, upset chance
10. DOOLIN 56.5 Irvan Singh 11 ]=poor shows so far at Bangalore, yet to know its potential to recommend, TJ proven combo
4. DARING DON 59.5 M.Madhu Babu 2 ]=6th run nowhere at Mysore, now wears positive shoes, trip down 300, may aim a place slot
3. BATTLE EMPRESS 60.5 G.Adarsh 12 ]=marginal improvement seen, negative shoes, poor jockeyship continues
2. DANUBE 61 G.Sai Vamshi 6 ]=after winning a 1200m race ran unplaced twice at Bangalore carrying this mass, chance to improve here
6. WINDSOR PARK1 59 S.Santosh Kumar 1 ]=last run slow out, earlier once placed among 3 runs at Mysore, oldie, must improve a lot
8. SUMMER SENSATION 58.5 Indrajeet Singh 10 ]=unplaced in last 4 runs at Bangalore, trip down 300, chance to get near
9. PERFECT KING 57.5 Afsar Khan 8 ]=last run was interfered at Bangalore, earlier was not far away, TJ a fluke combo, can consider
11. ACT OF GLORY 55.5 Ajeet Kumar 5]=last 2 runs were off the board, earlier placed 4th after a forward runner, a customer from Mysore, modest chance
12. FLYING FAIRY 51.5 * P.Surya 7 ]=had a single run at Bangalore, earlier form line also poor, rookie continues, looks to be a no hoper
Our Tips: 5. VITO 4. DARING DON
2No.45. THE T.DOUGALL MEMORIAL PLATE Div. II 1200 Mts 2.00 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order:1 7 6 2
7. GROOVY MOVES 59.5 Suraj Narredu 1 ]=twice placed at Bangalore among 3 runs, Suraj continues, can account for this set, consider
1. APPY’S GLAMOUR 60 P.S.Chouhan 11 ]=an improved 4th last run, maiden class to handicap class, Chouhan rides, chance on that
4. VICIOUS CIRCLE 60 S.Shoban Babu 12 ]=ran 3 times at Bangalore maiden class, now in handicap weaker set, may show its mettle now
2. CHURCHILL 60 Arshad Alam 5 ]=last 4 runs at Bangalore no clues, better jockey up now, may have some aim here-note
3. SEA DOVE3 60 * Sunil Samson 9 ]=ran an interfered race in 1400, earlier a narrow winner at Bangalore, chance again in this weaker set
8. RESEMBLANCE 59.5 G.Sai Vamshi 10 ]=last run pulled up lame, earlier always with the tail enders, must know more before recommended
5. DAZZLE AWAY16c 59.5 Anil Baandal 7 ]=ran 3rd in a 3 horse speed, earlier 9th, chance to amend
11. MR BIG SHOT 57.5 Ryan Marshall 3 ]=last run was interfered one, once a failed favorite at Bangalore, scope here to amend
6. ENGADINER 59.5 Neeraj Rawal 4 ]=blood vessel broke last run, as good as debut run now
9. THIRTYSIXCHAMBER’S 59.5 * G.Deepaksingh 8 ]=debut run
10. EXPRESS SPEED 58.5 L.Prashant 2 ]=last 4 runs horrible, looks can omit
12. A CROWN 57 S.Mallikarjun 6 ]=trying to finish always in last position, should improve more here to figure
3No.46. THE SIDAPUR PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 2.30 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order:32897
3. CARDIGAN BAY 58 P.S.Chouhan 1 ]=a faraway 4th at Bangalore, trip same, now Chouhan in the driver seat, consider
7. QUARTER CASK 55.5 Arshad Alam 2 ]=last 4 runs were closer, trip up 200 and in compass, appeals now
2. MANTA RAY 58.5 P.Trevor 12 ]=last 2 runs nowhere under feeble handling, now top rider up, consideration on that
9. JET SET GO 54.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 7 ]=had 3 runs at Bangalore, 2 of them were not clean, now in its own age group, chance to amend-note
8. ACEEMPRESSJESSIE 55 Neeraj Rawal 9]=last 5 runs off the board, modest form line, may get a place slot
6. COFFEE TIME 55.5 A.Vishwanath 8 ]=last 3 runs unplaced, trip up 200, winning jockey on it Back note
1. MAGNETIZE 60 G.Adarsh 10 ]=last run was in lower age group, trip up 200, needs more tuning
4. ITS MY PARTY17 58 Gautam Raj Urs 5 ]=had a poor run here, earlier form also doesn’t speak well, can omit
5. INFINITHOUGHTS 57.5 M.Madhu Babu 4]=always in the place money, goes the same trip, modest chance
10. BLIZZARD OF OZ 54 Irvan Singh 3 ]=an interfered last run, earlier seen hanging out, may need further tuning
11. SHOOT OUT 53.5 G.Sai Vamshi 6 ]=an improved 4th last 2 runs, running with an upset chance here
12. YOUNG GALLANT3 52.5 M.Rajesh Kumar 11 ]=last 2 runs no clue, earlier placed 3rd in this center, modest chance
4No.47. THE T.DOUGALL MEMORIAL PLATE Div. I 1200 Mts 3.00 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order:12 4 3 7
12. NEW MALLET 53.5 Arshad Alam 10 ]=an improved 4th at Bangalore, big shift in jockey, consider
3. HUMMING BIRD 56 P.Trevor 8 ]=last 2 runs nowhere, earlier 3rd, Trevor in fine form, chance on that
4. FIRING LINE 55 A.Imran Khan 6 ]=finished 12 out of 12 in debut run, must improve more
10. SPIRITOFKNOWLEDGE 54 P.S.Chouhan 1 ]=last 3 runs horrible at Bangalore, Chouhan up, improved chance
7. SORAYA 55 G.Sai Vamshi 11 ]=debut run
1. SKY JASMINE 60.5 A.Ashok Kumar 3 ]=dropped down in class, form not seen in last 2 runs, upset chance if any
2. COUNTRY’S CHARM 56 Nitin Singh 12 ]=career 2nd run, still a maiden, modest chance
5. GOOD SPIRIT 55 V.R.Jagadeesh 5 ]=last 3 runs horrible, now in handicap class, may aim some place money
6. HIGH RISING 55 M.A.Roushan 4 ]=debut run
8. UNIVERSAL LAW 55 * G.Deepaksingh 2 ]=debut run
9. ALVAREZ 54 Vijay Kumar 9 ]=last 2 runs unplaced at Bangalore, needs more improvement
11. COLOR PROOF 53.5 Anil Baandal 7 ]=4th in a 6 horse field, runs with a pace, little upset chance on that
5No.48. THE SIDAPUR PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 3.30 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order:10 2 1 6 5
10. GO GREEN34d 58 Suraj Narredu 3 ]=ran an improved race last run, Suraj takes the seat, trip down 200, in with a chance
6. ACE MESMERISE 58.5 P.S.Chouhan 1 ]=placed 6th out of 10 runners, earlier 2nd in 1200, now Chouhan up, trip up, TJ proven combo, consider
2. ARZIKI 60.5 P.Trevor 5 ]=unplaced in last 4 runs, Trevor up, runs with an improved chance
1. SUMMER GOLD 62 A.Imran Khan 7 ]=whip lost and finished 7th in a 11 horses field, hard rider up now, 2nd run on demotion, may carry the top weight to the victory
9. CYCLOPS34 58 Nitin Singh 10 ]=was installed as a favorite last run and finished 7th, now wears fresh shoes, may improve on that run
5. AMIGOS 59.5 Arshad Alam 9]=last 2 runs unplaced, earlier placed 4th in this trip, modest chance
8. SPANISH FLY 58.5 Anjar Alam 11 ]=had a single run at Bangalore, earlier season twice finished in the money, modest chance
3. RAKSHITHA 60.5 N.Ramesh Kumar 2]=winner 1200 in this class, carries more mass now, jockey negative, omit
4. BRIGADIER34 60 Irvan Singh 6 ]=last 2 runs were bad, looks can omit
7. CINNAMON RUSH 58.5 Sahanawaz 4 ]=ran little closer last run, upset chance not ruled out
11. MOUNTAIN GLORY 55.5 M.Rajesh Kumar 8]=unplaced in last run this class, earlier lower class winner
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order:2 9 1 10 12 11
2. TERI ADAH11c 58.5 Sahanawaz 10]=collecting place money stakes, a win is a eluding for long, consider
11. BEAUTIFUL EFFECT 52 V.R.Jagadeesh 7 ]=a jockey suspended case last run, failed fav, positive shoes, can consider now
1. CAMPEON11b 60 Ajeet Kumar 9 ]=finished 2nd in the same trip this season, shoes positive, consider
10. BEAUTIFUL LIFE35 53 M.Rajesh Kumar 8 ]=had an interfered run this season, rookie to a jockey now, chance on penultimate run in the last season
12. STRIDE TO SUCCESS 51.5 A.Vishwanath 2 ]=penultimate a good 2nd in lower class, jockey positive, upset chance if any
3. GOLDEN STEPS17 56 Afsar Khan 6 ]=had a poor run this season, earlier form fine, upset chance may be
9. GOLDEN CRUISE 54 Gautam Raj Urs 11 ]=unplaced in last 3 starts at Mysore summer, no appreciable changes seen, trip pet, modest chance
4. MAGIC WAVE 56 A.Ashok Kumar 3 ]=ran unplaced in last 6 runs, looks still in the training off period
5. ARETES 55.5 J.Paswan 5 ]=debut run at the age of 4
6. RISING LITTLE STAR 54.5 Melvyn Maseyk 12 ]=unplaced in last 7 outings, came down in handicap
7. ANGEL ONE 54 Arshad Alam 1 ]=last 2 runs horrible, but trainer goes for a jockey
8. EVERLASTING MEMORY 54 M.A.Roushan 4 ]=marginal improvement seen, looks will improve further in this open class
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order:4 2 10 6
4. PENTAGRAM 59.5 P.S.Chouhan 8 ]=last run nowhere, earlier good 2nd, looks will revive its lost form
6. DAYLITE 54.5 Suraj Narredu 10 ]=a fluent lower class winner, form on upgrade, consider
2. JERSEY SHORE(15) 60.5 Y.S.Srinath 6 ]=got the upper hand in last run, penalized, one more chance on improved form
10. RENEE 53 P.Trevor 3 ]=last run was not very far in this class, form jockey up, pet trip, consider
1. CASTLE KING4c 62 V.R.Jagadeesh 11 ]=a faraway 3rd in higher class, earlier narrow 2nd in this class, consider
3. GALAXY QUEEN 60 S.Shoban Babu 1 ]=ran 2nd as a favorite last run, trip down 200, chance on consistent form
5. NEW WORLD 56 Arshad Alam 12 ]=a customer from Mumbai, snubbed  out in the last run there, earlier consistent in all trips, modest chance
7. MAGNITUDE STAR 54.5 * M.Naveen 7]=finished 3rd in long trip, runs all trips, rookie to guide
8. MIYARSPRINCESS8 54.5 Nitin Singh 5 ]=unplaced in 5 starts, looks difficult here
9. NATIVE INDIAN 54.5 * P.Surya 4 ]=a Bangalore challenger running not too far away, trip pet, place chance
11. CATHARSIS 52 Melvyn Maseyk 2 ]=last run bad, penultimate 3rd, but poor chance here
12. MADAME BOVARY 52 Md.Imran Ashraf 9 ]=never a picture in last 5 runs, omit
8No.51. THE JAYANAGARA PLATE 1600 Mts 5.00 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order: 6 11 10 3
6. CHERIE AMOUR 54 P.Trevor 6 ]=trip up 400, maiden class to open class, can consider
11. BLAZING TOUCH 51 Arshad Alam 1 ]=last run was poor, earlier a maiden winner, upset chance if any
3. EXACTLY 57 A.Imran Khan 10 ]=ran a good 2nd last run, trip same, consider again
10. ZAGATO14 52.5 M.Rajesh Kumar 11 ]=inconsistent form line, trip down 200, modest chance
9. STAR MOUNTAIN14 54 Md.Imran Ashraf 9 ]=an interfered 10th last run, earlier a failed fav, surprise chance exists
1. NANUK29 60 A.Velu 4 ]=ran an interfered race here, form line poor, looks can omit
2. NOBLE REWARD 57.5 G.Adarsh 2 ]=last run slow out, earlier 4th, TJ poor chemistry
4. AL ATTATURK14 55 Vijay Kumar 5 ]=refusing to come to form, omit
5. STELLAR AMBITION 54.5 Nitin Singh 8 ]=an inconsistent customer, moody, little chance on that
7. EPHIALTIES 54 Sahanawaz 7]=poor form line, others better
8. SANS FRONTIERES 54 Shivnath Paswan 3 ]=last 2 runs were very poor, can omit on that
9No.52. THE NUGU DAM PLATE 1400 Mts 5.30 P.M
Horses considered for the selection:Odds order: 2 7 3 5 9
2. COLOR ME 60 A.Imran Khan 10 ]=modest form line, pet trip, last run was in higher class, consider
7. HALLELUJAH 57.5 Y.S.Srinath 6 ]=an improved 3rd last run, pet trip, can amend
3. BUCETHALIS18rd 59 M.Rajesh Kumar 9 ]=rider dropped in last run, earlier a close 2nd in 1200, trip OK, consider
5. DEMANDING FORMAT18 58.5 Ajeet Kumar 2]=an interfered 6th last run, earlier modest form line, shoes positive, runs with an upset chance
9. COUNTRY’S NOBILITY6 55.5 Arshad Alam 5 ]=unplaced in last 4 runs, earlier 2nd in this trip, positive jockey, consider
6. GO MAN GO18 57.5 S.Santosh Kumar 11 ]=an interfered last run, earlier narrow winner in this class, may surprise
1. ROCKETEER 62 A.Vishwanath 3 ]=back to winning class, may improve, trip fine
4. GUNPOWDER29 59 A.Ashok Kumar 8 ]=poor form line, looks can omit
8. ICE SPLENDOUR 56.5 M.Prabhakaran 12 ]=marred by incidents in last 2 runs, can aim some place money
10. KOHINOOR BLITZ 54 Irvan Singh 7]=last 2 runs no clue, looks can omit
11. BEAUTIFUL GREEN18 52 Nitin Singh 1 ]=poor form line so far, needs more tuning
12. ABBA 51.5 Nirmal Jodha 4]=a failed favorite in lower class, improved form line, may upset


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