Tips on Winning at Horse Races

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Useful Tips on Winning at Horse Races

The good news about betting on horse racing is that you can start yourself in at any level. You can bet starting fromINR5 on the tote or thousands and multiples of thousands with a bookmaker. Most people will be betting on horses somewhere in between these two extremes.

Another plus point about horse racing is that it does not cost a lot of money to enter into race clubs in India for a whole afternoon of entertainment. Mostly the entry fee ranges from INR10 to INR225

People imagine horse racing is an easy sport to earn money. That is the exact reason I want you to read up about it before you bet any real cash. Do some paper trading first.Paper trading means you predict you don’t bet and see the results and how much dividend you would have won on your imaginary amounts of bet.This is possible before you really attempt to bet on horse racing is suggestible until you get confidence in your selections.

Wining at horse racing does not require luck although if you have some it does help. You can come out as phenomenal winner of money if you have the right tools. Buy a good race card such as BOL, Cole, Lucky spinner race cards for a good start. Once you have your copy of such race cards you can eliminate the hoses you think will lose first rather than try to select the winner.

The next thing you must think about is to predict how that particular race today will be run. Will it be a fast or slow pace? This if you are a real punter its easy or you need some help from others.

Then you must determine the class of each horse. Has the horse been promoted in class or demoted?

After this check if your selection can run on the ground conditions. Some horses can only handle fast going and some only heavy. You should also know how to read penetro meter readings and understand the track conditions Remember there are also different type tracks in India such as monsoon track, winter track and main tracks.

When you start betting with real money the best way is to begin with straight win single only bets. After you get on with such bets you could move on to the more exotic bets such as the Forcast, Tanala, Treble and Jackpot bets. Although these types of bets are more risky the pay-outs can be high and exciting.

If you fancy a fluke I suggest you to bet on the tote pool. Many a times the dividends at the tote can be two or three times more than official bookmakers.

If you are going to the race clubs rather than off course center you can always check at the parade ring and paddock to see if the horse look fit.

Also consider the following combinations before betting

·Good jockey, good horse, Best bet.

·Poor jockey, good horse, has a average bet.

·A good horse, moderate jockey, average bet.

Use these handicapping tips and you can pick your next Indian Derby winner! Finding it difficult? Contact for your premium tips from Send mail to for more particulars and an application form.

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