Fillies to Colt championship stakes Double is in Store

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The inform Jockey Pradaeep Singh Chouhan has definite plans to lift the Colt championship in Style against all the punters  assumption that Hyderabad horses are inferior.He proved in fillies and in few hours going to prove it in the colts champion stakes a grade 1 prestigious race  and 2nd classic of Bangalore Summer

This year it is going to be a sensation with this jockey planning for a grand double of classics for his sportive Hyderabad owners.

He might encounter Threats from Shivalik Hero  a recent winner  with a stout heart because Mallesh Narredu  also came with similar plans.

The country’s best trainer Shroff is not interested in this race is visible to a naked eye  that he has fielded an ordinary horse Silver Birch whch can not take on the onslaught of  judiciously prepared Plenipotent  From Hyderabad.

According to Hush Hush reaching here the connections this time are going to be present for receiving the Trophy and have left for Bangalore.They are planning for one two spot is no wonder and let us watch the champion’s dream realizing

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