Kolkata Races Analysis,Tips 29 Nov 2016 with Pointers

by on November 30, 2016


Race Tips with Analysis 29 11 16
Season code:KW1617
1No.41. THE ADVISOR HANDICAP 1200 Mts 12.30 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: 5382 
8. XPERIENCE22 60.5 A.Sandesh 6]=last 2 runs in higher class may be ignored, now Sandesh up, deserves a strong chance
3. CELERINO1c 62.5 Munna Alam 2]=last 2 runs received lots of support, trip fine, gets another chance to prove
2. ARTEGAL25 62.5 Ch.K.Chary 3]=this season bad run, earlier pretty much consistent, last run was in higher class, reduced trip, good chance
10. SO REGAL26 59.5 Gajender Singh 11]=much was expected from this runner, 4 runs ago placed twice in this trip in higher class, last run was in higher class, a good upset it looks
1. A NAUGHTY BOY 62.5 Ranidan Singh 9]=career 2nd run, better jockey up is a news, runs after 12th Mar
4. WEST CAPE 62.5 Shezad Khan 12]=blood vessel broke in its only run on 31st Aug, career 3rd start, scope exist to amend failure
5. KAARTIKEN26 61.5 Mohit Singh 8]=not on board on last 4 starts, this is a 2nd run after some rest, upset possibility exists
6. NELSON26 61 Afzal Khan 4]=dropped in class, higher class form no clue
7. SUPER STRIKER21 60.5 S.Rabbani 10]=last run was in higher class, earlier 2 runs in this class were bad, looks will take some more time
9. SINGULARITY2 59.5 Md.Islam 1]=ran a very bad race over 1400 this season, reduced trip, may aim a place slot
11. HELICONIA 59 T.Atul 7]=none of the last 4 runs were considerable, looks can omit
12. BUCKLE UP 58.5 * Rupal Singh 5]=monsoon 5 runs once placed over 1100, last run was over 1400, may aim a place slot
Our Tips:8 10
2No.42. THE BRIGHT LAW HANDICAP 1600 Mts 1.00 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: /3524 
5. SPLASH PROOF 51 Dashrath Singh 1]=jumping up to this class, top rider, appeals on weight
2. ZEPHIR10b 61 Afzal Khan 2]=knocking the door strongly, last run was good, looks will be in the firing line
3. REWALDING23c 58 Mohit Singh 5]=a late 3rd over 1400 this season, trip little up, consider
4. RUNNING HAND10rd 53 Hindu Singh 3]=rider dropped in last run, earlier winner over 1400 in handicap class, can consider
1. CELTIC KING6 62 Sandeep Rajput 4]=last run slow out and finished 6 of 11, 3 runs ago placed thrice beyond this trip in higher class, little upset chance
Our Tips: 5 2
3No.43. THE AZTEC HANDICAP 2000 Mts 1.30 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: /likely odds 
5. MIZUNO 55 Hindu Singh 4]=a disappointing last run at monsoon, earlier very much consistent, trip not new, in with a good upset chance
7. HIBIKI17b 52.5 P.Trevor 1]=takes a courageous jump from lower class, Trevor up, trip new, may do well on handicap
1. TOP CAT 61 Suraj Narredu 2]=winner over 2000 in its latest start at monsoon, handicap little up, a forward runner, may aim again
4. COOL CONQUEROR25b 56.5 Mohit Singh 5]=ran an improved race over 1400, this trip is not new, chance if it takes the level break
6. I TOLD YOU KNOW8 54.5 Mudassar Nazar 6]=had a bad run this season, earlier ran 2 of 8, still a maiden, trip new, may get a place slot
2. SIMPLY ROYALE 57.5 C.Alford 7]=off the board in last 4 starts, earlier ran far away 3 of 8 in a mile, still a maiden, trip new, can consider on jockeyship
3. AUBERON27 57 A.Ashhad Asbar 3]=slow out and ran 7 of 8 last time, earlier good 2nd over 2000m, improved chance on that
Our Tips:5 1
4No.44. THE ARDILES HANDICAP Div. I 1100 Mts 2.00 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: 48721 
1. DRAGON OF WAR 62.5 Dashrath Singh 7]=a Pune import, Dashrath guides, trip fine, consider
8. BACAARDI26c 54 A.Sandesh 3]=a failed favorite last run this season, Sandesh up, looks even more stronger now
2. TREASURE ISLAND16 62.5 P.S.Chouhan 1]=class dropped, better jockey shift, runs with youngsters is a worry
3. LUCKY STREAK 60 * R.S.Bhati 10]=last 2 runs bad at  monsoon, earlier ran close 2nd in this trip, raw rookie handles, upset chance may be
4. ROMAN RIDGES21 55.5 Afzal Khan 6]=2 runs bad in this season, last run got interfered, winner 3 runs ago in this trip, may upset
5. FIRE FALCON 55 Ch.K.Chary 9]=monsoon 6 runs once placed 3rd, oldie and moody, intent unknown
6. STUDIOFIFTYFOUR21 55 A.Ashhad Asbar 8]=last 3 runs nowhere, earlier lower class winner, gets a strong rider now, may upset
7. APICAL FINALA4 54.5 * Nikhil Naidu 5]=last 3 runs no clue, now rookie up, run benefit helps
9. SERENDIPITY13 53.5 Hindu Singh 2]=had a run, finished 5 of 7, earlier winner lower class, can get closer
10. I ME N MYSELF9b 53 Jugnu Gurung 4]=jumps from lower class, rookie to a jockey now, little appeal on weights
11. ADAMANTIUM 51 * N.B.Kuldeep 11]=no form to go by, unplaced in last 8 starts at Western India, runs reduced trip,  chances unknown
Our Tips:8 1
5No.45. THE ARDILES HANDICAP Div. II 1100 Mts 2.30 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: /78153
8. ARCTIC CONVOY 53.5 Suraj Narredu 3]=as a favorite ran 5 of 8 last time at Bangalore, earlier failed as a favorite and ran 2 of 12, maiden after 3 starts, looks will fight out the issue
7. AMICUS CURIAE 53.5 J.Chinoy 1]=another Pune import, last run seen hanging out and finished 11 of 16, earlier 4 of 9 in a maiden class, trainer fielded 2 in this race, note
3. STEPHANIE5c 57 Dashrath Singh 9]=a failed favorite on 1st Nov, earlier winner this trip at monsoon, consider now
1. SPEAR OF TRIUM 61.5 P.Trevor 8]=another Pune import, last run was in higher class, earlier ran 2 of 17 in a close finish over 1000m, good chance on Trevor handling, note
4. AVILOME VILOME13 55 Sk.Zaffar Riaz 6 ]=as a favorite ran 6 of 7 this season, earlier consistent in place money in previous 4 runs, can get a reward for consistency
2. INDUS PRINCE26 61 A.Ashhad Asbar 10]=had a poor run this season and finished 12 of 14, ran 3 of 11 two runs ago at Pune, can consider on that run
5. MY LADY LUCK22c 55 C.Alford 2]=gets a power rider now, consistent, twice in the place money, consider
6. MAJOR COLOURS26 54 * P.Vikram 5]=not very far away in last run, earlier far away 4 of 9, last run got interfered, include all pools
9. DESERT CAT 53 * N.B.Kuldeep 4]=Pune no show in last 5 starts, runs little reduced trip, should be taking some more time
10. IVY26 53 Arman Khan 7]=an interfered 8 of 14 last run, penultimate far away 3 of 9, others look better
Our Tips: 8 7
Horses Considered for the Selection: /3 1 8 7 9 
1. CARPE NOCTEM 57 A.Sandesh 1]=debut run, Sandesh up
2. CASTLEBRIDGE 57 P.Trevor 7]=debut run
3. GRYFFINDOR 57 Suraj Narredu 8]=debut run
4. KING CREDIBLE 57 T.S.Jodha 9]=debut run
5. PANCHOVILLA 57 S.John 2]=debut run
6. SIMON TEMPLAR 57 P.S.Chouhan 4]=debut run
7. DANCERESS 55.5 C.Alford 5]=debut run
8. SANA 55.5 Dashrath Singh 6]=debut run
9. TSAVO 55.5 Hindu Singh 3]=debut run
Our Tips: 3 5
7No.47. THE SUNBIRD HANDICAP 1400 Mts 3.30 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: /4 9 7 5 
5. ROMANTIC MAGIC 56 S.John 6]=John up, ran all trips, winner lower class over a mile 6 runs ago, later ran 4 times in terms race and twice in handicap, good chance to earn a winning bracket now
9. TWEEDLE DEE6b 53.5 Dashrath Singh 14]=ran 2 of 11 in its last attempt over the same trip, drawn wide, in with an improved chance
1. ADZUKIS14 62 Munna Alam 13]=ran 7 of 9 this season, earlier fluent winner at monsoon this trip and class, consideration on that
4. SUSHI 60.5 C.Alford 1]=ran long distance races, modest form line, runs forward, chance on jockey’s strength
11. OATH OF ALLEGIANCE(16) 53 A.Sandesh 7]=winner lower class over 1200, Sandesh rides, up in trip and class, modest chance
2. BULLET31 62 Md.Islam 9]=last3 runs no show, oldie, may aim a place slot
3. THE BIG BULL31 62 Sandeep Rajput 8]=ran a bad race while finish 8 of 8 this season, earlier twice placed in this class at Pune and Mumbai, may back to performing class ,
6. SCARLET EMPEROR32 56 A.Ashhad Asbar 11]=ran twice unplaced this season, earlier ran 3 of 6 over 1200, trip not a problem ,better jockey up, upset chance if any
7. DRACO32 55 * Nikhil Naidu 12]=2nd run this track, trip little up and was proven at Pune, rookie up, consideration on pet trip
8. EL CID19d 54 Jugnu Gurung 5]=slow out and ran far away 4 of 5 this season, monsoon form fine, but not proven in this class, note
10. FIRE SONG15d 53 Ranidan Singh 2]=trip up and new, far away 4 of 7 over 1100 this season, modest chance
12. BEYOND EXPECTATION32 52.5 Nirmal Jodha 10]=no show in this class in last 2 runs, last winter finished in the money in this trip, may get a place slot
13. WINNING FORTUNE6 52.5 P.S.Chouhan 4]=ran 9 of 11 this season earlier ran thrice in the place money , chouhan rides , in with an upset chance
14. FIBONACCI SEQUENCE32 52 Sk.Zaffar Riaz 3]=ran off the board this season , modest chance to be in te board
Our Tips:5 9
8No.48. THE PREDATOR HANDICAP 1100 Mts 4.00 P.M
Horses Considered for the Selection: /713489 
7. ABIGAIL 57.5 J.Chinoy 6]=last 2 runs were not clean, reduced trip, this season 1st run, runs with an upset  chance
12. ASCEND 54 A.Sandesh 2]=last run was in terms class, earlier a failed favorite, can upset here
3. STAND AND DANCE 60 Nirmal Jodha 11ran a good 2nd of 14 over 1400 at Pune , reduced trip, , otherwise a good chance
8. AUSTRALIAN AGATTA 57.5 Dashrath Singh 7]=ran 4 times at Pune and placed twice over 1000m, Dashrath up, may stake its claim here
5. PHOENIX FIRE 58 * Nikhil Naidu 13]= a tricky customer to judge, last run was bumped, this track new earlier ran 4 of 7 over 1200, may get closer
1. RESOLUTION 61.5 Hindu Singh 9]=ran far away 3 of 7 in this trip and class can improve upon that run
2. RISING POWER20 61 Sandeep Rajput 4]=very bad runs in last 4 runs ,better jockey up  may get closer
4. ANNIE OAKLEY20c 58.5 P.S.Chouhan 1]=ran twice third in last three runs
6. TIBIDABO3b 58 A.Ashhad Asbar 3]= better jockey up this time, ran far away 2 of 8 over 1200, trip reduced, little upset chance
9. AQUITANIA7b 56.5 P.Trevor 8]=ran 2 of 12 over 1400 this season, earlier 2 runs placed, battling for a career 2nd run, consider
10. RAMESSES29 55.5 Afzal Khan 12]=last 4 runs off the board, must improve more
11. WORDS20b 55 Ranidan Singh 5]=oldie, ran close this season, may aim a place slot
13. MUSTANG20 53 T.S.Jodha 10]=ran 6 of 9 this season, earlier winner lower class, may upset on trainer’s  strength
Our Tips:3 12


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