Mysore Races Analysis,Tips 30 Nov 2016 with Pointers

by on November 30, 2016

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1No.18. THE GONIKOPPA PLATE 1100 Mts 1.30 P.M
For Maiden Indian Horses 2 years old only
Horses Considered for the Selection: /576 
5. COUNTRY’S STORM10b 53.5 Saddam Hussain 3]=a far away 2nd of 9 on its debut run last week, consider
7. SIX ACE RED 53.5 Irvan Singh 5]=debut urn
8. VELVET ROSE10 53.5 Akash Agarwal 8]=an interfered 5 of 9 last week, scope to get near
6. NIKKA 53.5 S.Santosh Kumar 1]=debut urn
1. ANGEL GUARD10 55 M.Madhu Babu 7]=had a run on 23rd Nov, finished far down 8 of 9, needs more training
2. COUNTRY’S PACE 55 Vijay Kumar 2]=debut run
3. RAHBAR10 55 Shiva Kumar 4]=ran 9 of 9 last week, looks will take some more time
4. COUNTRY’S BLOSSOM 53.5 Nitin Singh 6]=debut run
Our Tips: 5 8
2No.19. THE WYNAD FOREST PLATE 1200 Mts 2.00 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 80 and above (Class-I)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /142 
1. CONSTANTINE 60 Keanen G.Steyn 1]=ran an interfered 10 of 11 in a terms race over this trip on 7th Oct, earlier finished 8 of  8 over 1400 after a forward run, much earlier a failed favorite while finishing 2nd of 5 in this trip, has strong claims now
4. NEW WORLD 57.5 Irvan Singh 2]=an interfered last run, earlier 9 of 1 over 2000 in a terms race, much earlier an interfered close 2nd of 6 over 1800, runs all trips, may get closer
5. FINK 54 * M.Abhilash 4]=trainer fielded 2 in this race, last 2 runs ran 5 of 9, earlier winner this class and trip, can create a flutter
6. PHELPS 53.5 Saddam Hussain 5]=promoted to this class after 2 failures in lower class, changes to positive shoes, a forward runner, plans sneaking in to the lead till beaten
2. CLASS IS CLASS 58 V.R.Jagadeesh 3]=3 runs at Mysore regular season, once placed close 3 of 6 over 1800, short distance many not suit
Our Tips:2 4
3No.20. THE K.R.S.PLATE 1100 Mts 2.30 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 80 and above (Class-I)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /35811 12 
8. SENATOR 56.5 S.Manohar 3]=forward and ran 4 of 12 on 29th Oct, trip little reduced, good chance to amend failure
3. ALWAYS RESOLUTE4d 58.5 Irvan Singh 4]=ran 4  of 11 after some forward denting, little better jockey up, strong consideration here
12. STRIDE TO SUCCESS4 51 Nitin Singh 11]=last 2 runs were not clean, earlier 4 of 12, may upset here
5. NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE 58.5 G.Y.Rajesh Babu 5]=winner and then placed 3 of 12 despite hanging out, looks will stake its claim
6. EVERLASTING MEMORY2 58 M.Madhu Babu 12]=marginal improvement  seen  in its last run while finishing 7 of 11, 2 runs ago a failed favorite, 3 runs ago finished good 3rd of 12, an upset chance is not ruled out
10. ROI JUNIOR 56 V.R.Jagadeesh 6]=a non performer in last6 starts, runs after more than a year, the rest might have done some good
11. NERON11d 54.5 M.Rajesh Kumar 9 ]=after winning a 1200m race ran 4 of 12 over 1400, back to short trip, consider for your pool games
1. CAMARADERIE 61 * R.Ajay Kumar 8]=Mysore regular 2 runs bad, career 4th start, improvement expected
2. ORDER ORDER4 59.5 * M.Abhilash 7]=ran 7 of 11 this season, trip little down, earlier ran far away 4 of 12, run benefit helps
4. GOLDEN STEPS2 58.5 M.Kumar 10]=ran 8 of 11 this season, earlier winner over 1400 carrying low weight, runs forward, a tricky customer to handle
7. COFFEE TIME1 56.5 Ajeet Kumar 2]=slow out and finished 6 of 11, earlier modest form, may aim a place slot
9. GAMALETI 56 L.Prashant 1]=no shadow in last 5 starts, runs reduced trip, must know more before recommending
Our Tips: 8 3
4No.21. THE BANDIPUR PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 3.00 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)No Whip
Horses Considered for the Selection: /61310 
6. CLOUDS 56 Keanen G.Steyn 2]=twice in the minor money from maiden class to open handicap, trip same, looks stronger now
1. AMAZING14d 60 V.R.Jagadeesh 9]=ran 4 of 8 over a mile this season, rookie to a jockey now, gets positive shoes, trip down, good chance to stake its claim
7. ELOIKA12d 55.5 * M.Bhaskar 4]=ran 4 of 11 this season over 1200, last Mysore winter ran consistently, also runs forward, benefitted by this run, upset chance
9. COUNTRY’S ANGEL9 55 * R.Ajay Kumar 8]=dismal performance in last 2 runs, earlier twice far away 3rd over 1100 and 1200, trip new, youngster, scope for improvement
3. ZOE3d 57.5 Akash Agarwal 1]=despite hanging out finished 4 of 8 this season, trip little up, may be in the mix up
10. BREAK ON THRU 52.5 Nitin Singh 10]=a failed favorite in lower class, got promoted, this season 1st run, may get near
2. GO MAN GO12 58 M.Rajesh Kumar 6]=no show in last 5 starts, trip up, must improve more
4. FRIENDS FOREVER(4) 56.5 Ajeet Kumar 5]=a fluent winner over 1200 this season, form upward, trip up 200, little consideration again  on recent form
5. TERI ADAH 56.5 S.G.Prasad 3]=last 2 runs slow out, penultimate finished 3 of 11 over 1100, trip up, a dubious form animal, weighting for a win bracket
8. ICE WEAPON 55.5 J.Paswan 7]=last 4 runs no show, runs a pet trip
Our Tips: 6 1
5No.22. THE PANDAVAPURA PLATE 1400 Mts 3.30 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
5 years old and over
Horses Considered for the Selection: /likely odds 
7. ARRIVE7b 55.5 * M.Abhilash 5]=ran a far away 2nd to an youngsters in its last run this season, good chance to amend
5. SAVANNAH SOUND8b 56 * M.Bhaskar 4]=ran a late 2nd of 9 this season over 1200, Mysore summer ran twice  in the place money, trip not a problem, rookie continues to handle, consider as an upset
6. TULIP8d 56 Shiva Kumar 2]=gets positive shoes, improvement seen, trip up and not new, can upset
3. TRUST ME BOY 57 S.Shoban Babu 7]=penultimate winner lower class this trip, later ran 2 of 12 over a mile despite slow start, consistent, runs late, upset consideration
8. DHANYAVAAD 55 M.Rajesh Kumar 6]=ran nowhere in last 8 starts, but trainer goes for positive shoes, trip same, intent unknown
2. ALBATROSS 58.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 8]=a recent default winner after a successful objection and got promoted, form little upward, consider
11. COLOR ME 54.5 * Syed Waseemuddin 3]=ran an improved 2nd on 27th Oct in the same trip at Mysore regular season, consideration on recent improvement
9. FELIX LEGION8c 55 S.G.Prasad 9]=ran a far away 3 of 9 this season over 1200, earlier twice 4th at Mysore regular, runs with pace, an upset chance not ruled out
10. RUTHBA 55 Ajeet Kumar 12]=runs the pet trip, earlier twice in the minor money over a mile against to form horses, could be an upset here
1. DEMANDING FORMAT 60 S.Santosh Kumar 10]=last 3 runs a slow to start customer, earlier  finished 4 of 10 on level start in this trip and class, much depends on level break
4. UMARKOT 56.5 Md.Sameer 11]=last 2 runs nowhere at Mysore regular season, may improve
12. MALKIA 54.5 Irvan Singh 1]=last 5 runs no show, one more dismal performance expected
Our Tips:7 5
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /51 11 2
5. PACQUIAO 59.5 Keanen G.Steyn 6]=fluent winner on 14th July in lower class and got promoted, looks will carry the public purse, can consider
4. LUCKY PINEAPPLE15 59.5 Shiva Kumar 1]=had a poor run while finishing 9 of 11, earlier not much far away, helped by the run benefit and class drop, looks to be an upset prospects here
2. SIDDHANI 61.5 * M.Bhaskar 5]=last 3 runs no show, earlier far away 4 of 10, class dropped, positive shoes, rookie appointed, intent looks good, can consider if money flows in the ring
8. DARE THE DON6 59 Ajeet Kumar 9]=had a run this season in higher class, earlier placed 3 of 12 in this class, looks has the upset key now
11. PRAELECTOR 56.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 8]=promoted after a narrow  win in this class on 23rd Oct, travels the same trip, looks tough here
7. ABDERUS 59 J.Paswan 7]=last 3 runs not clean, ran as a favorite in last 2 starts, penultimate 3 of 11 in this trip at Mysore regular season, consideration on that
9. DARK WILLIAM 59 Cedric Segeon 4]=an interfered 6 of 10 on 8th Sep, earlier ran in the place money in 4 runs consecutively, this jockey yet to make some dent, consider
1. SECRET TOUCH 62 G.Y.Rajesh Babu 11]=ran 4 times in the Mysore regular season and placed thrice, latest run had some interference while finishing 4 of 12, gets a drop down to this class, but trainer goes for negative shoes, questionable intent  of the connections
3. BANDITO 61 R.Ravi 3]=a tricky customer to judge, but runs on negative shoes and extended trip, also dropped down in class, unknown chance
6. SUFFICIENT PROOF 59.5 * M.L.Bhosle 10]=last 3 runs n  show, earlier winner over 1400 in this class, may get its old form to get near
10. MAJESTIC QUEEN 58.5 Saddam Hussain 12]=a poor performance in last 4 starts, last time saddle slip, unknown intent
12. CARISA13 53.5 M.Rajesh Kumar 2]=a non performer over different trips in last 5 starts, looks will take some more time
Our Tips: 5 2
7No.24. THE BANDIPUR PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 4.30 P.M
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)No Whip
Horses Considered for the Selection: /2 4 5 9 10 
1. CLOUDS OF GLORY7 62.5 Shiva Kumar 5]=class dropped, runs with better rated animals in last 5 starts, trip same, may put up an improved show
10. WOLF ROCK3b 55 Janardhan Paswan 2]=ran a good 2nd of 12 over 1200 in a weaker company, improved performance, can consider now
5. AL DORADO5c 57.5 Akash Agarwal 1]=ran a faraway 3 of 11 this season as a favorite on 16th Nov, may improve on that run
3. SCARAMOUCHE9 60.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 4]=a very disappointing run this season while finishing 11 of 12, trip up and not proven, looks can omit
9. MOTHER EWA12b 55.5 * M.Bhaskar 6]=ran 2 of 11 as a favorite over 1200 this season, trip little up and in compass, rookie to guide, good chances
4. ACCURACY 60 S.Mallikarjun 7]=last 2 runs slow to start, finished 4 of 12 in higher class 3 runs ago on level start, has the class to threaten but bad manners to worry
2. HALOWEEN’S WAY 60.5 * R.Ajay Kumar 10]=after winning a maiden race on 25 July over 1200 ran twice and once placed far away 3 of 11, last run misleading, yet can consider
6. DELTIN 57 M.Madhu Babu 9]=no show during Mysore regular season, little better jockey up, trip also up, a failed favorite over 1200 at Mysore Summer, note
7. EPHIALTIES 57 M.Rajesh Kumar 8]=if form is an indicator than you can omit this run, last 4 runs finished in the rear
8. ZIZZI9 57 S.Manohar 3]=a very very  disappointing runs in last 3 starts, others look far better
Our Tips: 1 10
A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses Considered for the Selection: /3714 
3. ALIBOXER 54 V.R.Jagadeesh 1]=knocking the door, last 2 runs placed 2nd, improved show expected now
1. MR CARPE6 60 Cedric Segeon 11]=unplaced in last 4 starts, class dropped, a performer in this class 5 runs ago, trip fine, consider on class factor
8. ZAGATO5 52.5 Ajeet Kumar 8]=unplaced in last 6 starts, but daddy buys new shoes, runs reduced trip, unknown intent
2. SKYJET8 56.5 * Syed Waseemuddin 2]=running nowhere in last 3 starts over the same trip in this class, this season got interfered and finished 8 of 9, chances bleak
9. JERSEY BRIDE 52 Shiva Kumar 3]=ran 4th in last 2 starts, run benefit helps now, takes a jump up to this class, may upset
11. AYRA’S DELIGHT9c 51 * M.Abhilash 5]=ran 3 of 12 on 16th Nov in the same trip in lower class, promoted, positive shoes, youngster, an upset plans, note
4. GENEROUS GESTURE 54 S.Santosh Kumar 10]=winner and was stepped down in objection, reduced trip, runs forward, consider
5. CARBONADO8 53.5 L.Prashant 6]=had a poor run in last 4 starts, sparingly raced, winner 4 runs ago in this class, recent form not supporting, a moody customer
6. DREAMLINER8 53.5 Md.Imran Ashraf 9]=last 5 runs no show, runs forward
7. CLASSIC KING7c 52.5 Saddam Hussain 7]=ran a far away 3 of 7 this season, runs reduced trip, can consider
10. OCEANA9 51.5 M.Rajesh Kumar 4]=ran a poor 7 of 12 in last start and then takes entry in this class with low weight to go, may have some upset plans, neglect not
Our Tips: 3 1


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